I am the chosen one

    Habra administration,
    from the scribble of the humble

    Dear editors,

    I can not convey to you my admiration for your creation, your brainchild, the collective unconscious - our Habrahabr. I like everything in Habré (as we affectionately call him), and it is decidedly inconvenient and awkward to offer my ideas, which certainly can not be compared with the greatest minds of the Habra-creators.

    However, the fact is that not more than an hour and a half ago, I stumbled upon the “Favorites” of one of the habratovarischi and found one of my comments there. Of course, the comment is not God knows what, but it's mine! And now, for an hour and a half, I have been tormented by one annoyingly arrogant question, “Who else added me to your favorites?”

    Therefore, I ask the respected Habra Editorial to at least consider the possibility of finalizing the "Favorites" function so that you can see who else added the post or comment to the favorites. Surely habratovrischi will thus be able to find new like-minded people or just be happy for themselves if someone chooses his writings.

    Please forgive me for my impudent dementia, but today is Friday, and the brain reaches for the stars.

    Always yours, Like Groof

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