I didn’t know that either.

    T. Tolstaya with her beloved son A. Lebedev.  Photos - "Weekly magazine"
    T. Tolstaya with her beloved son A. Lebedev. Photo - Weekly Magazine

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    UPD News : In response to comments:
    I understand that I will incur even more anger from readers (and, possibly, even lower karma), but I’ll say that Lebedev himself chose his fate , PR for himself, he is the same star as Jobs, Gates, Zeldman, Page, Brin, etc. They are all well done, Lebedev well done, no one denies this. I hope that I didn’t offend Artemy with my post. I do not delve into his underwear. They shared information with me, I also wanted to share it with people who live on the site I respect. I’m used to the fact that there are people who need to immediately blame the author rather than blame the topic. Well, good luck!

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