Why doesn’t anyone know how to reserve a military commissar as a reserve officer?

    My friend, a human rights activist, and without two minutes a Ph.D. in law wrote a
    fundamental and very practical work - how
    to reserve a law enforcement officer to push off a military commissar
    However, in my opinion, few people have a chance to find this wonderful reference
    publication through search engines. Why?
    First of all, due to neglect of several internal (depending on the webmaster)
    factors. Below is a list of them.

    1. Useless insignificant title tags and page descriptions

    Open the code of the web page (perhaps this menu is View - As html ...). Here
    these tags:
    4CS.Ru: Статьи и публикации

    What they should look like ideally
    Основания для признания призыва офицера запаса на военную<br> службу незаконным
    NAME = "description" CONTENT = "
    Maxim Burmitsky's legal reference article on how to reserve officer to protect his rights and not to
    join the army">

    When writing both the title of the article and its description, use the Yandex.Direct service to
    analyze the popularity of keywords. Your task is to select the most popular
    queries that match your article and create a headline and description for this article
    using these words.

    2. The lack of subheadings in the text

    The text traces some structure, indicated by highlighting the text:
    "what is the essence of this document", "the time frame of the order of the MO ..."?
    However, in the structure of the web page, these subheadings are not highlighted in any way. The solution
    is to label these headings

    , eg:

    What is the essence of this document?

    In addition to highlighting the structure, it is important to consider the wording of these headings.
    Those. if the title sounds like: “What is the essence of this document?”,
    then representatives of the target audience are unlikely to find it. But if you formulate
    it wisely (using the same Yandex.Direct ),
    then you get something like the following:

    “Military Duty Law Review - An Analysis of
    Key Concepts and Changes”

    Only the most noticeable errors regarding the internal factors of
    search engine optimization are covered in the notes .

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