Notes of a novice. The Tale of the Elections at Shrovetide (Part 1)

    Russia 2008

    In Mother Russia, they drink bitterly for the new year, as it has long since become a custom. And the worker drinks and the collective farmer, and what a borosopisets. They drink - they recall the tsar’s priest with a kind word, congratulated him, dear, didn’t forget, the words were very sculpted.

    They will drink for the New Year, they will kiss each other, the Russian people will remember the Tsar-Father. He only remembers about him, and the rest is all — let them burn with fire, parasites-embezzlers!

    But here is how a leap year in mother Russia - so forever what a misfortune. And here - the carnival is coming, and the sovereign has come up with the election. The sovereign has both a rating and an index ! What should he be afraid of - sit yourself, rule for our good, for your own pleasure.

    But no. He conceived a break from state affairs. Election started. Choose says, people, whom you like, but it’s better here is my comrade, I hope.

    And the comrade's face is fine, and his speeches are sweet. Sovereign trust: the provinces in the provinces have galloped up - the popular rating is growing. And the father and parent of the People’s Rating is the Public Index . And I write it down, the monastery clerk Ignatius. So the Index is growing not by the day, but by the hour. You look - the general calendar is over, and the favorite index is no longer the same as last year - it has grown to the sovereign. We have two of them now, the pillars of society. To be continued Source

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