Fly IQ4511 Tornado One Octa: “flagship”, “premium” or “just a smartphone”?

    How long have you read the Twelve Chairs? Remember the full name of the Great Combinator? - Ostap-Suleiman-Berta-Maria-Bender-Bey ... Why is there any "Ilfopetrovschina"? Yes, it’s just that our next guest has exactly such a complicated name - Fly IQ4511 Tornado One Octa. For greater solidity, you can still add “Black” ...

    IQ4511 - the first model in the new Tornado premium line. How much the filling of the smartphone corresponds to the name “flagship” - in the descriptions of the device you can often see such an epithet - we will discuss below. In the meantime, let's talk about the appearance of the smartphone.

    You can laugh at the "prefix" console for a long time, but the Tornado One really looks bad. The screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 3, and the back fixed panel with Dragontrail glass - they say that the brainchild of Asahi Glass Co. (one of the key divisions of Mitsibishi) can withstand even greater loads than the material from the American company Corning. However, the Vickers method says that Dragontrail is still slightly inferior to the third version of GG - indicators 595-673 and 622-701, respectively.

    Fly IQ4511 Tornado One Octa
    price: 9 500 rub.

    OS: Android 4.4.2
    processor: MediaTek MT6592M, 1.4 GHz (8 cores)
    video: Mali-450 MP4
    screen: 5``, 1280x720, IPS
    RAM: 1 GB
    memory: 8 GB (+ microSD - up to 32 GB)
    3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
    cameras: 13/2 megapixels
    battery: 1920 mAh
    dimensions, weight: 70x140x7.9 mm, 175 g

    The back panel of the Tornado One has beveled edges. There is an opinion that it’s easier to hold a smartphone in your hand - in our opinion this is rather a design move that makes the case more elegant. And the similarity with the form factor of the “just parallelepiped” type also decreases due to this solution.

    At the top there is a microUSB and an audio jack of 3.5 mm, at the bottom there is only a speaker grill. Today, they try to separate the connectors at different ends, but this solution does not cause any particular inconvenience.

    On the left is a SIM card slot (a double tray can be removed using a complete pin or any other sharp object), and on the right ... Due to a non-standard solution - a microSD slot was placed on top - the power button and volume control went down, which somewhat knocked down confusing, especially in the early days of using a smartphone. Keep in mind.

    As for the build quality, we did not find any creaks, slots, backlashes and other disgraces. IQ4511 sits better in hand than ASUS ZenFone 5 - the Tornado One is almost a centimeter shorter than the Taiwanese “five” in height.

    Since we remembered ASUS, the Tornado One screen reminded us of the quality of the ZenFone 5 matrix. The IPS matrix is ​​good, but, for example, when viewed from below and to the right, the display acquires a blue tint. But the brightness is much higher than that of the five-inch ZenFone.

    The system touch buttons here are only indicated by dots - and their backlight quickly goes out and without any dexterity, you can easily miss.

    They are greeted by clothes - they are escorted by the mind. The octa-core MT6592M from MediaTek, along with the Mali-450 MP4 video processor, perfectly copes with the load - it was checked both by benchmarks and games. Yes, the RAM here is only 1 gigabyte - it does not affect the performance of everyday tasks. But purely psychologically - the sediment still remains. After all, her, dear, does not happen much.

    By the way, the MT6592 processor has as many as three modifications - “M”, “T” and simply “6592”. It uses the younger model of the processor - "M". You shouldn’t be especially keen on this matter - as the Chinese geeks proved back in May - you will notice the difference between them only if you are armed with AnTuTu of all kinds.

    Tornado One meets us almost untouched by Android 4.4.2. Something to surprise sophisticated users will not work (it is unlikely that the pre-installed applications of mobile banks, social networks or taxi services). The only thing that can be noted is the ability to control the smartphone with gestures. By default, three are set - double tap, up and down the screen (go to the lock screen, home screen and in the app for calls, respectively). But there is an opportunity to ask 5 more gestures - you can hang any application on them (imitation of letters - “s”, “w”, etc.). Such a chip could be called indispensable if it were not for the duplication of your gesture with animation - it takes about three seconds from the actual gesture to the transition to the desired function.

    What we could not fault was the camera. The interface of the photo and video application is simple and straightforward: if you hold the smartphone horizontally, then on the left - switching the main modes - live photo, motion tracking, beautiful face, panorama and polygonal view - with this you will play enough in the first two days. Above - any useful little thing like activating the camera with the “Victoria” gesture, turning on the HDR mode and games with the flash. Under the "gear" - everything else for those who do not want to put up with the presence of an automatic shooting mode. It seems to be a lot of things, but I remembered a simple and convenient tracking function: clicked, held - that's all, now the selected object will be constantly in focus.

    You may ask: what about quality? We answer: no surprises. All within the capabilities of the 13-megapixel sensor Sony Exmor RS.

    Sound. The rating is “satisfactory”. Perhaps you can listen to music only through headphones; the speaker is loud, but mediocre, and the voice one often produces noticeable distortions.

    We have the last two items left in stock - the ability to work with two SIM cards and a battery. Alas, for the first you have to pay the second. Convenience price - a day of work with minimal use. Yes, and a good screen also greatly affects battery life - the battery capacity of 1920 mAh is clearly not enough.

    Yes, in order to avoid confusion - you can find information on two radio modules on the Internet - he is still here alone. Well, it’s worth recalling that there is no support for 4G / LTE networks here.

    To summarize. Well, the Fly company proves with real examples that it is able to do beautiful and stylish things. And for an affordable price. Another thing is that the epithet "premium" has long turned into a marketing stamp that is used wherever it gets. And, of course, it does not apply to smartphones of this price category. Despite the use of GG3 and Dragontrail.

    As for the "flagship". Here, in defense of Tornado One, one thing can be said: among the other Fly smartphones, the IQ4511 model really has the best characteristics (infa - 100%). And for many fans of the brand this will really be enough.

    Among the obvious disadvantages of the new Tornado One smartphone - a weak battery - you will have to keep a charger or an external additional battery ready. And the minimum amount of RAM available today. Point.

    PS Tornado One in motion can be seen on our YouTube channel ...

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