Unraveling wires for speed: there is a first champion

    In Los Angeles, the first world championship in speedy cable unraveling ( speedcabling ). This is a relatively new sport, but it is familiar to every PC owner who did something similar under his desk.

    The only difference is that we are engaged in "speedcabling" at the amateur level, but the championship was held in compliance with all sports rules. Each participant receives a tangled ball of wires of type CAT-5 Ethernet red, blue and yellow in lengths of 2, 5 and 8 meters, respectively. Competitions are held according to the formula 2-2-2 (qualifying) and 4-4-4 (final), which means the number of wires. Instead of CAT-5, participants can choose other cables to their taste, if only they were able to pass 100 Mbps traffic before the competition.

    Cable tangling is carried out according to a special technique and only by certified specialists. After tying eight, the wires are treated with hot steam for exactly 180 seconds, and then cooled to room temperature. Absolutely identical ligaments are issued to each participant. The first to separate all the wires from each other - he won.

    The first world champion was the former baker of the pizzeria, and now the web designer Matthew Howell. Obviously, in this matter it is important to have strong hands and fingers, which Mr. Howell had trained during the tossing of the test and still have not softened from contact with the mouse. It is not surprising that it was he who became the winner and won the grand prize of fifty dollars.

    via Telegraph Blogs

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