O'Reilly, Microsoft, and others on cloud computing

    It seems that, indeed, cloud computing has the fate of 21st century electrification . Gartner researchers called this direction the second in the list of those that will be most rapidly developing next year. And if you consider that computing in the clouds is, in fact, an integral part of a more general concept of virtualization, which ranked first in this list, then the "Clouds" can be considered as the first promising direction.

    imageThe interest in cloud computing as a resource-saving technology has sharply increased against the backdrop of the global economic crisis and is further fueled by the “green” nature of these clouds.

    Following Amazon, SalesForce (with its force.com), Google (with its AppEngine) finally declared their rights in this market to the old-timers of the information technology industry: IBM (more in my note “... Marriage in the clouds ”) and at the end last month Microsoft. The latter presented the project of his "cloud" operating system Azure together with the centers of provider services in the clouds.

    Finally, O'Reilly, the apostle of the Web 2.0 movement, who made the article “ Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing, ” also could not stand it.". The article was prepared before the presentation of Azure and, it seems to me, even before the mentioned IBM presentations. However, I recommend that everyone interested in this problem be sure to read it. The article is deep, provided with useful links, although a little philosophical, and it is somewhat difficult to read. No less interesting comments come to her, however, somewhat servile (the maestro still :)). Therefore, it was precisely with this article that I decided to start my new series of translations, essays, and reviews in the field of cloud computing, the main excerpts of which I will try to publish on Habré.

    Since the terminology and the model of computing in the clouds are still not very settled, especially in their Russian-speaking refraction, I will be grateful to all those who know English for any comments on the translation of the article.

    I also want to warn in advance that I do not share everything expressed by the maestro, but decided not to intervene for now, leaving this to a special review note in which I want to critically summarize a number of recent publications on this topic. Among them are two related to Microsoft in the clouds: " Microsoft stakes its place in the cloud ", " Ray Ozzie explains cloud computing for the enterprise ." I recommend to everyone who can do it, and to “friends” and “enemies” of Microsoft, without waiting for me, be sure to at least go over these articles. I also intend to analyze the materials of the just concluded Web 2.0 Summit conference, which talked a lot about cloud models (O'Reilly mentioned this event as upcoming in the second part of the translated article).

    Well, for now, you can start reading the translation of the first part of O'Reilly's article (about the types of Clouds and their “hidden” secrets).

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