How to make a real mask of your face during life

    There is such a project:
    With its help, you can make a material mask (or, as they call it - a sculpture) based on a 3D model of any face.

    Basically, the video above explains everything. I will write only a few words about the process.

    Upload your two photos (regular and in profile), specify the necessary parameters, create a profile in this way with a 3D model of your head, edit it in 3D, place an order for a real mask ... and get it. For $ 2000. Or for a lower price, but smaller .

    Judging by the video, from 3D you can do anything; for example, figurines or key rings with your three-dimensional image. You can also create groups from various 3D models (friends or acquaintances).

    News Source: TechCrunch

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