US Federal Authorities Confident JPMorgan Chase & Co Hacking Case Successful

    The federal authorities investigating the JPMorgan Chase & Co hacking case last summer are confident that the case will be successfully completed. The New York Times reports that several suspects are “available”: they are located in countries with which the United States has an extradition agreement.

    In August 2014, hackers attacked five US banks. As a result of an attack by hackers on the oldest financial conglomerate on the planet, the data of 83 million customers were stolen - email addresses and phone numbers. The funds from the accounts as a result of the attack were not stolen. It was one of the largest cyber attacks on the bank and a warning that the US financial system was vulnerable. JPMorgan spends $ 250 million a year on security and plans to double that amount in the future.

    The arrest of the suspects will be a success for the FBI and the US Attorney in Manhattan Preah Bharara. As a comparison, the Target hacking cases in December 2013, when 40 million customers and personal information of 70 million payment cards were stolen, and the eBay and Home Depot hacks in 2014, when hackers received data from hundreds of millions of customers: As a result, not a single criminal case was opened, writes The New York Times .

    Authorities plan to close the case within a few months. The cyberattack was not as complex as investigators had previously suggested, and authorities were able to identify several suspects. The case is a priority for US law enforcement after receiving status from the Department of Homeland Security.

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