Google is going to increase staff by 25%

    Not so long ago, someone in Q&A asked a question about how to get a job in a foreign IT company. In principle, today the chances of getting such a job in a prestigious foreign company are even higher - after all, Google announced its intention to hire about 6,200 employees. While many companies are cutting their own employees (most of all, Yahoo! and MySpace have succeeded in this), Google is expanding, which indicates the continued development of the company, no stagnation.

    It is significant that Google announced the upcoming recruitment after Barack Obama announced IT as one of the main prospects for the development of the country (well, which country, I think, is understandable). Significant funds from public funds will be allocated for IT, so in the United States it is now a high point for companies working in this field (as well as for physicians and power engineers).

    In principle, for Google it is not the first to increase the number of employees by hundreds and thousands. For example, in 2010, the number of employees of the corporation increased by 23% (4600 people). Employees of the corporation will pay attention primarily to IT professionals, specialists in the field of online advertising, and sellers of software products (both web services and local software).

    The total number of employees at the beginning of this year is 24,400. This is a lot, but still less than that of the software giant Microsoft, Intel and IBM. From Europe, Google plans to recruit approximately 1,000 new employees, as it plans to expand its business in Europe. In total, five thousand Europeans are currently working on Google.

    Via AP

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