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    The Positive Thinking Studio was located in a former shoe factory near the city center. The building itself was built in the last century - solid, with high ceilings and wide large windows, it was unsuitable for housing. Its floors were divided into separate studios and offices by plasterboard bulkheads and leased for a relatively small fee. Victor opened a studio here several years ago, after the company where he worked before transferred the business to another region. The outflow of production from large cities led to the long-awaited improvement of the environment, simultaneously freeing up space for business. And where they sewed shoes with sneakers and under what brand, it was not so significant. Victor, who was naturally cheerful, couldn’t call his business especially successful, but somehow things were going, at least there was enough money for rent and a modest bachelor life. True, recently the number of his listeners has been steadily falling. This was clearly evidenced by the schedule in the calendar and, as a direct consequence, revenue. Google analyst sounded the alarm and drew depressing graphs of page visits. These signs from above inspired Victor reluctantly to pay for advertising in Google in order to increase the attendance of the resource. The results were not long in coming, and after several days of correspondence, he formed a new group of five people. The first free meeting was supposed to happen today. Naturally, Victor thoroughly prepared for her. The results of the first lesson determine everything, all marketing gurus unanimously agreed on this. Half an hour before the start of the lesson, he is smoothly shaved, trimmed, ironed (in those places where it was possible),

    The first came a plain-looking middle-aged lady named Irina. While Victor was busy with drinks, the others pulled themselves up. Giving everyone a cup of green tea and setting them on chairs in a circle, Victor smiled broadly and proceeded to the first part of the lesson. Having briefly told about himself (as a matter of fact, his story did not differ much from the resume posted on his personal page), he invited other members of the group to meet.

    Irina kept a cooking blog for vegetarians. Pavel was a wedding photographer. Semen - an interior designer. Elena taught yoga courses (in the same building). Eugene turned out to be a walrus and professionally hardened. All of them were experts in their fields, although they had a completely different education (of course, higher). And they preferred creative work to sitting in offices. Victor nodded his head sympathetically, smiled encouragingly, and thanked the storytellers.

    - Friends! - he went on to the second part of the lesson. “All of you are doing wonderful things, however, something bothers us all, which is why we are gathered here, aren't we?” Something is eating us, we feel insecure, we are afraid of old age, illness, loneliness. We are afraid to be unappreciated and unclaimed. This is characteristic of each individual and therefore completely normal. Let's think together what makes us feel these feelings? Perhaps the point is in overstated expectations, from which our self-esteem suffers? Indeed, in order to convince others of the effectiveness of our activities, we ourselves must serve as a good example. To attract success, it is necessary to experience joy from our work, to radiate confidence in our abilities, professional and human qualities. To achieve this, you need to concentrate on those things which we succeed best of all, and distract from insignificant or secondary manifestations of our life with you! This course focuses on how to do this easily and efficiently.

    “Great,” said Irina. - Abstracting from insignificant manifestations, this is, of course, a method. Attracting success is probably effective. But they constantly talk about it in Feng Shui courses. I went there last year ...

    - And I talk about this as an additional material in my courses, - added Elena Yogi.

    “I see the problem a little differently,” Irina continued. - A few years ago, when people began to think about their own health, there was no end to the visitors from my site. I collected so much for advertising that my husband and I had enough to pay for the mortgage, and go to Mallorca. We even thought about children. And now from these sites in the eyes dazzles.

    She paused and pursed her lips. An uncomfortable pause reigned.

    - Everything will be fine! - took the initiative in his hands Victor. - The main thing is not to despair and look at things from the good side. Let's look at it differently. You got your bearings on time and opened your site. In fat years, this brought you a fair amount of income, but you did not think that all of this could change, and you hoped that everything would continue this way. These are the high expectations that we talked about. Now that your income has declined, you are disappointed and prone to self-flagellation, but you cannot fall into despair, you need to look at it differently, pull yourself together and find a way out!

    “Not falling into despair is quite simple,” the yogi entered the conversation. - Finding a way out is much more difficult. When I opened my courses, people fell in vain, but over time, people who completed my courses opened their own, and people who completed those courses, in turn, opened their own. Now these courses - at least chew your ass, I'm sorry. Each gate has a couple of them. Maybe they’re worse, yes. But how do they dump!

    All nodded in agreement.

    - That's nothing! - took the floor Paul-photographer. - When the era of digital photography began ...

    "Soooo, it begins," thought Victor, but he did not get in. From his own experience, he knew very well that since the people had started up, it was necessary to let him speak out and only then, when everyone was out of breath, to return the conversation to its intended course.

    “... and now for every ten guests there are two SLRs, and they pretty well manage themselves.” I'm not talking about iPhones. - After Paul, walrus-Eugene spoke. “Maybe you think I became a walrus from a good life?” Of course, I dabbled in a contrast shower for a long time. But when my design bureau was covered up and I was outside the gate, there was nothing to pay for heating and hot water, so I had to wash myself cold. After some time, I developed my program. He opened a school of hardening, it’s not a matter of teaching. But you won’t especially run away: the program is mastered in an hour by the training manual from the Internet, so it’s barely enough for life, even if you do not turn on the heating at all in winter.

    Following Eugene, designer-Semyon spoke. He began to talk about God, heaven and the imperishable soul, which was already completely no way. And then Victor dawned. Wait, wait, he thought. - Hardening is a direct saving on hot water and heating. But it can be turned differently. "

    - ... after all, it was not without reason that Jesus said that it is just as difficult for a rich man to go into the kingdom of heaven, like a camel to go through the eye of a needle.

    “There is a way,” Victor said quietly.
    - What? Asked the bewildered Eugene.
    “I say there is another way.” Moreover, in this life, Victor repeated a little louder. - The fact is that you need to look at the situation from the other side. I'm not talking about our attitude towards her now, ”he quickly recovered, catching disappointment in his eyes. - I'm talking about marketing. We are missing the main trend. In the era of the ongoing post-industrial crisis and the constant reduction of jobs as a result of the new technological revolution, everything that saves money will have a steady demand. Quenching saves on heating and hot water, ”he nodded to Eugene. “Vegetarians,” he looked at Irina, “do not buy the most expensive meat products.” Physical education and sports can improve health and cost as long as possible without expensive medication and treatment, ”he said, looking into Elena’s eyes. “We just need to file it differently, and that's not all!” We can unite into a larger structure. Create a network and offer a complete solution. I am sending my clientele to you, and you to me. So we wipe the nose of competitors, at least for a while.

    “That makes sense,” Elena said thoughtfully after a pause. - What about facebook? You like my posts, I like yours.
    “By all means,” Victor answered.
    “I'm in business,” Irina said. - How about creating a separate portal and name?
    “Wait,” said Semyon. - Of course, I am glad for you, the idea looks attractive, but where does it, for Christ’s sake, interior design?
    “It doesn’t matter,” Elena suddenly responded. - The principle is important. Are you a designer? Will you design something that will be in demand better than interiors. Fashion design for urban cyclists, for example. You draw a model, send an order for small wholesale sewing to China through an alibaba. Realize through facebook. We PR you with might and main, and you - us.
    “Suppose, but interior design and clothing design are not the same thing,” Semyon objected timidly.
    “I agree with you,” Victor said. “Maybe not one.” But you can finish courses and retrain, areas that are related. The main thing is demand!

    “And you will find something to do,” Victor turned to Paul the photographer. - In the end, someone will have to provide us with quality photographs anyway. Whether we will be ready to pay in cash for this or we will work out your work by PR is an open question. The main thing is different. Friends! Together we have reached a turning point! The situation is under our control, and we are free to do whatever we want. We no longer see the world in gloomy tones and are ready to take the next step. Now we must consolidate what has been achieved. Hold hands - Victor extended his arms to the sides and waited for the circle to close. Now let's sing.

    From a smile the gloomy day is brighter,
    From a smile in the sky the rainbow will wake up.
    Share your smile,
    And she will come back to you more than once!

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