Read or buy?


    This article will focus on books, and more specifically on professional literature.

    I have read a lot since childhood. After graduating from college and starting to build a career, I realized that continuous development is the key to success. And books are the most affordable development tool.

    From that moment, my home library began to replenish with professional literature. However, here I ran into some problems.

    Firstly, I could not buy all the books I wanted. I just did not have enough money.
    Secondly, purchased books were often completely useless, despite excellent reviews.
    Finally, some books were losing relevance and I would like to put them somewhere, but not throw them away ...


    The idea was in the air, I caught it and tried to launch a community for the exchange of professional literature. The idea was that users themselves added their books, which they wanted to share and share.
    Unfortunately, this experiment failed, because users were not willing to add their books, and for a long time only my personal books could be taken on the site.

    Failure failure, but the problem has not gone away. With fiction a little easier - the libraries of large cities have a really good selection of books. What can not be said about professional literature, the more highly specialized or in English.
    Such books are quite expensive and quickly lose their relevance.

    I found a like-minded person and now we are trying to solve these problems anew, but with a different approach.
    We create a professional literature rental service. I will not give any links, since the purpose of this post is not to attract users. I will definitely tell you in detail about our project in the “I PR” hub as soon as we launch the prototype (this will happen at the end of February).

    Today I would like to turn to the community for help. I am sure that GikTimes has a reading audience, and I want to ask a few questions that will help us in working on the project.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    In all matters we are talking specifically about professional literature.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    How often do you read professional literature?

    • 66.1% less than one book per month 702
    • 21.2% one or two books per month 226
    • 3.7% more than two books per month 40
    • 8.8% do not read professional literature at all 94

    Which books do you read most often?

    • 79.6% technical (programming languages, technologies, administration, etc.) 836
    • 5.6% business (startups, project management, marketing, etc.) 59
    • 5.9% personal effectiveness 62
    • 8.7% do not read such books at all 92

    Prefer paper or e-books?

    • 3.6% paper only 40
    • 13.6% read paper more than electronic 148
    • 11.9% about equally equal 129
    • 41.2% electronic read more than paper 447
    • 27.4% electronic only 297
    • 2% do not read professional literature at all 22

    How much do you spend per month on books?

    • 39.7% to 1,000 rubles 409
    • 8.4% 1000-3000 rubles 87
    • 1.2% more than 3,000 rubles 13
    • 50.4% do not buy books 519

    What article on a book topic would you be interested to read?

    • 49% Professional Literature Market Review 439
    • 76.9% How to distinguish a useful book from "water"? 689
    • 60% How to extract the most useful information from the book? 537

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