Sweden did not approve of blogging minister

    Carl Bildt
    The 54-year-old Carl Bildt, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, started a blog a few weeks ago , where day after day he began to write down thoughts about international life and his working meetings. But the right to lead him, as the soul tells, the head of the Swedish diplomacy immediately refused the part of the local press. “The members of the government were given a political mandate, and therefore everything they do lies in the political sphere,” writes Dagens Nyheter .

    This opinion is shared by Kent Asp, journalism professor at Gothenburg University, who believes that a minister speaking on issues related to professional activities cannot remain a private person. In his opinion, Karl Bildt in his blog should have limited himself exclusively to personal topics.

    The minister himself does not see “crime” in his notes: “I am not only the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but also a person.” He believes that it is correct to become more open and accessible using modern technologies. “All kinds of communication are important, each in its own way,” Bildt said. “What is being said in parliament is of paramount importance, but alas, sometimes it doesn’t go to the newspapers.”

    It is noteworthy that in a publication condemning the blogging "career" of the head of the Foreign Ministry, materials are published in support of the minister. According to their author, such notes in the Internet diary are “only an appendix to interviews and official statements, but not their substitution”.

    One way or another, Karl Bildt’s blog managed to become super-popular - the number of its visitors exceeded 400 thousand, RIA Novosti reports .

    The blogging activity of Russian politicians is also accompanied by interest. They entered LJ with much less noise, and their diaries are less known. State Duma deputies Alexei Lebedev and Viktor Alksnis , leader of the Union of Right Forces Nikita Belykh , leader of the Democratic Union Valeria Novodvorskaya (a controversial example, but let it be), former member of the Federation Council Leonid Nevzlin and others regularly write on their blogs now .

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