Who will now read The Look?

    From the second to the tenth place fell “Business Newspaper Vzglyad” in the rating of the most visited editions of the section “Media and Periodicals” compiled by “Rambler TOP 100”. And in the overall rating of Runet’s resources, “Sight” fell from sixth to eighteenth place. Now the daily attendance of Vzglyad is about 140 thousand people, while until recently it exceeded 500 thousand on weekdays and even on weekends it was more - 250 - 300 thousand.

    The reason for this was the termination of cooperation between Mail.ru and Vzglyad. Since the founding of the business Internet newspaper in 2005, links to Vzglyad’s news began to be broadcast on the Mail.ru homepage, and Konstantin Rykov’s project then supplanted RBC. But now Mail.ru has again returned to partnership with RBC, and has refused Vzglyad.

    Naturally, for RBC, this could not but lead to a sharp jump in visitors: on Friday the attendance of the resource amounted to 725 thousand people, whereas before that it was 480 - 520 thousand. RBC continues to hold first place in the number of visitors in the “Media and Periodicals” section of the rating "Rambler TOP 100", and in the overall ranking of sites this resource has moved from fourth to second place, second only to Mail.ru.

    Mail.ru also decided to “recall” the existence of its own news service. Now, of the eight news links to which are located on the Mail.ru homepage, only the first four (including the most important one) lead to RBC messages, while the other four lead to News@mail.ru . As a result, the daily attendance of the Mail.ru news department reached 400 thousand, although before that it was at the level of 160 - 230 thousand.

    In this situation, the position of Vzglyad is not very encouraging. According to the former editor-in-chief of the Deadline.ru project Ruben Makarov, now the “Look” will be read only in the “Kremlin administration”.

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