One Digg clone “ran over” another clone

    The desire to protect themselves from theft on the Internet sometimes takes on marasmic forms. It would be difficult to imagine that one site-clone of the Digg resource would suddenly be outraged by the fact that another clone of the same resource is very similar to it. But this is nevertheless true.

    The essence of the conflict is that, according to SuperGu, Pligg uses the layout of the template and part of the functionality, to the point of confusion, similar to what was created by SuperGu. The location and shape of the buttons, the navigation menu and other design elements - all this was meanly stolen by an insidious adversary.

    It is also interesting that Pligg is a free resource that allows you to create a Digg-like site based on opensource modules. In general, SuperGu has few chances to achieve “justice”.


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