Portable Audio System MOBISound

    Starting work on the Dadget company's blog with a review of PartyFon MAX vibrodynamics , which, to my delight, was very warmly received by you, I decided to continue working with the company's acoustic systems.
    And today I will introduce you to another representative of them - the portable audio system MOBISound . It is quite traditional in technical terms, but at the same time has a very unusual form factor.
    Disclaimer regarding the green carpet, which is present on the KDPV, and in all other photographs of the review, I, with your permission, will post before the kat.
    Disclaimer: it seemed to me that one of the first days of such a long-awaited spring, a green background carpet should create the right mood :)
    Disclaimer2: yes, it's just a Bluetooth audio system (albeit a high-quality, albeit in an unusual form factor). Do not swear much, and if you are interested in such things,

    Let the beat go on

    MOBISound is packaged in a fairly large, presentable and fairly weighty box that gives the impression of an expensive and high-quality device.

    The plastic blister contains an audio system packed in a plastic bag, as well as a USB cable - microUSB, 3.5mm jack-jack and instructions.

    MOBISound when folded is very compact and easy to transport: Unfolded


    Please note that the folding and resizing mechanism is made of metal, which is very, very pleasing. The device will definitely last a long time, and immediately gives the impression of a quality product.

    Connectors and controls are represented by a sliding switch, a microUSB connector for charging and a linear input.

    When connected via Bluetooth, the device can be used as hands-free, thanks to the built-in microphone. In the same picture you can see the LED indicator showing the operation mode of the device.

    Unfortunately, they saved on the instructions. Although the grayish leaflet, folded in four, is more likely a tribute to the law on consumer rights than a reasonable necessity.

    Internal grooves allow you to mount the device on the tablet. In addition to reproducing sound, the speaker system will serve as a stand. Moreover, due to its considerable weight and strong “springiness”, the tablet will stand very reliably.

    Both in horizontal:

    So in vertical orientation:

    Of course, the white finish of the audio system is especially good for the white iPad, but not much worse it will fit on any 7-11 "tablet (especially not broken :) , for example, the old Motorola Xoom.

    The main thing is that the tablet should not be too thick, for example, fasten Xoom it’s not

    working vertically anymore, because it’s too thick in the middle part, the device is equipped with an NFC function that allows you to pair the device by simply lifting the speaker to a tablet or smartphone. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a device with this technology on hand, but it’s not worth it to be upset.
    Pairing normally takes place with one touch. It is enough to turn on the power on MOBISound, go into the search for Bluetooth devices on the tablet and connect to the device with the straightforward name "Bluetooth", you do not need to enter a password.

    I note that the fourth version of the Bluetooth protocol is used, which makes it possible to count on a very low load for the signal source battery.

    Sound quality and volume are at a fairly high level. The manufacturer claims that the audio system is equipped with as many as six speakers. However, it should be noted the lack of low frequencies.
    The claimed power of 6 watts may seem a little overpriced. It seems to me really it is about 4 watts, but this is a purely subjective assessment, not confirmed by instrumental measurements.

    When used as a hands-free no complaints.

    Of course, it should be noted that the device performs, among other things, the function of a very stylish tablet stand.

    There is another option for using the device, as super-open headphones that are located on the neck:


    On the neck, MOBISound gives a very good surround sound, but using the device in this way is fraught with some ethical difficulties.
    It is necessary to respect someone else's space, and do not get into it with your playlist.

    A similar concept for a portable audio system was first introduced by Sony in the early 2000s. (unfortunately I find it difficult to name a specific model). It is not widespread. I would venture to assume for the reason stated above.

    Also keep in mind that the device can quickly pull its neck, it is very heavy.

    The MOBISound battery should be enough for 5-6 hours of battery life, which is rather difficult to check - it’s difficult for me to cut out 5-6 hours during which the device will “chop” to full. The device is fully charged in 3-4 hours.

    The price of this device in the company Dadget at the moment is 4950 rubles, which without marketing tricks means 5 thousand rubles. This is not enough, and in my opinion, you can even say a lot. For the New Year 2015, I bought a decent Yamaha subwoofer for this amount. However, this was before the new year ....

    In conclusion, about the good, the company Dadget provides for testing the device under the terms of " review for the device". The MOBISound that I got will soon become a present for my dear girl. It just so happened that during the testing I declassified it, but now I know that she likes MOBISoud :)

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