Project 2045 - Avatars

    Project 2045 was founded by Russian businessman Dmitry Itskov in 2011 and involves leading experts in the field of neural interfaces, robotics and artificial organs. The main objective of 2045 is the creation of technology that allows the transfer of an individual's personality to a more advanced non-biological carrier. The 2045 team is engaged in research and development in the field of humanoid robots in order to transfer human individual consciousness to an artificial carrier and achieve, as they say in the company, “cybernetic immortality”. We have little faith in the realism of this venture, but still ...

    The company divided the creation of such avatars into 4 stages.

    2015-2020 Avatar A
    Creation and wide distribution of anthropomorphic robots that will be remotely controlled by a neurocomputer interface. Achieving this goal will allow people to discover new opportunities: working in dangerous conditions, performing heavy rescue operations, traveling to an environment extreme for the human body, for example, space. The components of such a robot will be used in medicine for the rehabilitation of patients with completely or partially limited physical capabilities, providing them with prostheses or restoring lost feelings (how exactly this will happen is not yet specified).

    2020-2025 Avatar B
    Creating an autonomous life support system for the human brain associated with the robot. In other words, transplantation into a human brain robot. Avatar B may turn out to be a perfectly acceptable solution at death or in the event of significant damage to the human body.

    2030-2035 Avatar C
    Creation of a computer model of the brain and human consciousness with subsequent integration into the robot. This stage is the so-called “cybernetic immortality”, when a digital copy of consciousness can exist forever.

    2045 Avatar D
    Creating a hologram body. According to Itskov, this final stage is a transition from possession of a vulnerable biological body, first to a cybernetic body, then to a body from nanorobots, which can be controlled by the power of thought and change its shape under this influence, and then, perhaps, even to an intangible body, which will consist of particles of light and resemble a hologram.

    Will they succeed by 2045? Is not a fact. Judging by Itskov’s statements and information from the project 2045 website, the timing is largely based on Moore’s optimism and law. Nothing is known about the technology for creating avatars, the only thing that was shown in 2045 is the prototype of the avatar of Dmitry Itskov. If we talk about the neurocomputer interface, then there is already successful experience in controlling the cursor on the screen with the help of thoughts, so that only time is needed to improve this technology, which will allow us to achieve the first stage - Avatar A. But regarding technologies for stages 2-4, of course, questions much more. However, Google also did not drop a word about technology, creating a project Calicowhich must fight aging and prolong life. But you can pre-order the development of your own avatar now, though there is one caveat and it is called "$ 3 million".

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