Python-digest # 31. News, interesting projects, articles and interviews [June 8, 2014 - July 6, 2014] Revival

    The next digest with news from the world of Python, for the month published a lot of releases and articles. There have been changes in the digest, all the details under the cut.


    We continue to search for interesting information about your favorite programming language and nearby technologies.
    Today, July 6, 2014 the digest takes a second wind in the face of a new author, who has joined the old team and will publish digests as before on Sundays.

    For the illustration for the post we still thank owlman75 , as well as alrusdifor accepting me as a team. I think it's time to end with digressions and move on to the main news, and from the main news in this issue we have: the release of the minor version of Python 2.7.8, the first release candidate Django 1.7, the first stable release of PyPy3, the latest releases of the Pillow and SQLAlchemy packages, well, the most an important release of South version 1.0 and it’s the last of this branch, everyone knows that this package has joined Django 1.7; now fresh versions will be released only for Django 1.4-1.6.


    Articles and interviews


    Books and documentation

    Interesting projects, tools, libraries

    • PlatformIO
      Tool for automating the assembly of software projects for different platforms
    • List of Python libraries
      List of libraries, applications, and various components for Python. The author was inspired by awesome-php.
    • pywinner
      Compiler for Python extensions on Windows
    • Misago
      Forum on Python + Django
    • aiohttp client for Sentry
      Sentry for Python provides a library called raven so your code can send messages to the Sentry server. And this library got a new client for working with asyncio
    • rutermextract
      Inspired by topia.termextract library for extracting keywords from Russian texts, using pymorphy2 for morphological analysis.
    • Python compiler in c ++


    • Python 2.7.8
      security release and regression fixes
    • South 1.0
      The final and latest release of the beloved South package, the package will continue to develop as a core component of Django 1.7. I would also like to add that by releasing release 1.0 the authors broke Python 3 compatibility, be careful.
    • Django 1.7 RC1
      First Release Candidate Django 1.7
    • django-oauth-toolkit 0.7.2
      Django OAuth Toolkit is a tool for working with OAuth2 authorization, which you can add to your django application. The tool works on the basis of OAuthLib and with compatibility with all RFS
    • django-odnoklassniki-api 0.1.2 The
      application allows you to interact with Odnoklassniki API objects using standard Django models
    • django-sqlserver 1.5
      Django-sqlserver library for Django for working with Microsoft SQL Server databases. With support: ADO via PyWin32, python-tds (native python TDS driver) and pymssql (FreeTDS)
    • SQLAlchemy 0.9.6
      Release of the popular SQLAlchemy library
    • Pillow 2.5.0
      Release of the popular Pillow 2.5.0 library
    • PyPy3 2.3.1
      The first stable release of PyPy3
    • aiohttp 0.8
      In short aiohttp.worker moved to gunicorn.workers.gaiohttp along with its tests, a new release aiohttp 0.8 was released

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