Attention wanted: DX1 spacecraft

    Finally, our long-awaited event, the launch of the DX1 spacecraft on Tuesday, July 8, is close to completion . We would like to ask for help from all hams who are interested in receiving signals from spacecraft. We invite you to take part in the "fishing" of our satellite immediately after launch.


    Start will be at 19:58 Moscow time from Baikonur. Based on the parameters of the orbit, the first successful communication session is expected in 3 hours over Eastern Europe, and then the satellite will return to Russia only after a few turns in a few hours from the Far East. Therefore, our MCC in Moscow will be able to conduct the first communication session only the next day. The satellite’s beacon broadcasts in the amateur radio frequency, so everyone will have the opportunity to hear it before us. Moreover, we need such help to clarify its orbit and confirm its operability. Therefore, our gratitude will be supported by memorable souvenirs for successful catchers from around the world.

    Beacon mode radio

    complex parameters: · Carrier frequency: 438.225 MHz
    · Protocol used: AX.25
    o Source callsign: DSC001
    o Receiver callsign: Dauria
    · TMI frame size, within the AX.25 packet: 55 bytes
    · Speed: 9600 bps
    · GFSK modulation

    Nominal orbit parameters for spacecraft “DX1”.
    Initial phase vector of “DX1” presented in ITRS frame frozen at known epoch in UTC. The epoch time is fixed whereas the epoch date is launch date - time of KP 15: 58: 28.0 UTC
    1Separation time (from KP):
    - sec;
    - h: m: sec
    t OTD6
    02: 33: 12.88
    2Geographical coordinates and altitude spacecraft at t OTD 6 :

    latitude, deg
    longitude, deg
    altitude, km


    49.34 sl
    153.02 wl
    3Phase vector at t DTD 6 , km, m / sX
    4Osculating orbit parameters formed SC "DX1" at the moment t DTD 6 :
    - semimajor axis, kma7008.0
    - eccentricity,e0.00078
    - Inclination of the orbital plane, degi98.41
    - longitude of ascending node, degW75.23
    - argument of perigee, degw37.98
    - true anomaly, degu191.89
    - osculating period, h: minT1: 37.3

    Nominal TLE
    1 99999U 14999Q 14189.77200093 .00000000 00000-0 00000 + 0 0 189
    2 99999 098.4063 241.3788 0009514 255.2875 334.5465 14.78395364 14
    (Thanks for the calculation to Denis Tuchin from IPM RAS).

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    We are waiting for the start! And good luck to us!

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