Personal account and mobile application

Hello. In the first part of the article, I talked about how we modernized the portal and the online store. There were many comments about the personal account, so we decided to allocate a separate topic for the story about its update. Naturally, changing the site, we did not bypass this important tool.

Today we will talk about the Personal Account, as well as the new mobile application MegaFon Personal Account.

Personal account

This is a section of the site for authorized subscribers where you can manage your account, expenses, services, bonuses, etc. Since April 2014, a new Personal Account has become available to MegaFon subscribers of the Moscow branch, and in the coming months the service will be available throughout the Russian Federation.

The new version of the Personal Account also received an adaptive "tiled" dizan. There are practically no alternatives to tiles in this product - each widget has not only its own logic, but also, as a rule, separate complex IT systems. For example, the “top up” widget is the entrance to the interface of the acquiring platform, and the “Feedback” tile opens interaction with the CRM system. The composition of the tiles depends on the set of services for a particular subscriber, popular services, as well as promoted products. Metro-design provides the required flexibility of the interface with a fairly high usability.

Mobile app

In May 2014, a new MegaFon Personal Account application appeared in the AppStore. It is steadily in the top list of free applications. In a few weeks, we confidently crossed the line of 100 thousand downloads, and with zero promotion costs.

The application repeats the functionality of the web version of the Personal Account. But it differs in design, native iOS patterns are applied here: according to the results of several focus groups, the native version confidently won in terms of ease of perception for the mass client.

The iOS application was the first, now we are testing the final version of the Android application, it will also soon become available for download. Separately, there will be an application for Windows Phone, as well as versions optimized for tablets.

The current rating of MegaFon’s Personal Account on the AppStore is three out of five stars. This is because users usually rate either as positively as possible or extremely negatively. Fives are placed by MegaFon-Moscow subscribers, for whom the application works. Subscribers of all other regions put “Deuces” and “ones” without forgetting the comment about Moscow snobbery. This is natural, although insulting. Snobbery has nothing to do with it, because a mobile application is just the tip of a huge technological iceberg from a billing system, hundreds of IT platforms and integration buses. Historically, Russian mobile operators have several billing services serving different regions. We cannot launch the project simultaneously across the country, although we try to replicate as quickly as possible. I repeat, the new Personal Account, as a web version,

The “My Account (LK)” and “Self-Service Mobile Application” projects are obvious growth points, and corresponding resources are allocated for their development. A rather large team is working on the LC, the plan is planned for years to come.

Our task is to give subscribers the most convenient tool for selecting and managing services, optimizing costs. Solving any of your questions on the site should be easier and faster than calling the contact center or coming to the office.


Surveys, studies and analysis of the behavior of site visitors indicate that we have chosen the right direction. Customers note a significantly increased ease of use of different sections, clarity and compactness of information. Of course, as in any large and complex project, not everything can be done right the first time.

But we eliminate all discovered defects as soon as possible. And the increased attendance, a large number of positive reviews, lower support costs and many other indicators indicate that the work we have done is well received by users. As an illustration, below is the dynamics of changes in the audiences of the old and new Personal Accounts, as well as the mobile application:

At the same time, from May 2013 to May 2014, the total number of authorized subscribers of self-service systems increased by 76%. For us, this is an obvious recognition of our efforts.

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