Microsoft, by a court decision, took over the domain management of the popular No-IP DDNS service but was unable to keep it operational

Currently, No-IP offers its customers to solve the problem by transferring their subdomains to other service domains, while promising to fix the work of the others. List of domains to go to:

Resources in the following domains were

affected :
servebeer. com

I ask for details under the cat:

Background: A Microsoft unit that works to combat cyber crime for more than two years has been monitoring the activity of the Jenxcus and Bladabindi botnets, which consist of about 10 million computers, located mainly in the US and Western Europe. In addition to the botnets mentioned, the No-IP service subdomains used another 243 malware families.

Microsoft officials claim that despite numerous warnings, the owners of No-IP did not take the necessary measures to stop the use of their services by cybercriminals, while representatives of No-IP refute this statement and say that they remove subdomains on demand and additionally use filters to detect malicious traffic, while Microsoft doesn’t no requests were received.

The reason for the failure is that the Microsoft Azure infrastructure could not withstand such a high load, which caused several million users of the No-IP service to suffer. In the entire history of the existence of the No-IP service, and this is as much as 14 years, this failure is the most serious.

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