Migration of an online store: testing the operation of your store on a different platform

    High resource consumption, expensive hosting, lack of necessary functionality and accounting and warehouse automation, technical support - all these points can encourage the owner of an online store to check the operation of their product base on other software. PHPShop experts recommend several options.

    Free transfer to a temporary domain

    Just note that if there is no time to deal with the transition, you can leave a request for migration , PHPShop technicians will create a temporary domain for testing and perform the migration themselves . For those customers who like to delve into everything themselves, the developers made the PriceLoader utility.

    Downloading the product base from any YML file

    To test the store’s operation on the PHPShop platform, you can download the demo version and run the PriceLoader utility, which parses third-party YML files, including Yandex.Market. Based on YML, she will create a copy of your project on PHPShop, preserving the directory structure, products and images .

    The trial version of PHPShop gives you the opportunity to work 30 days on a test domain, during this time you can migrate and evaluate its functionality to make a decision about moving. There is also a local version, which is installed together with the EasyControl software package and works without any time limits at all. You can work with the store locally with synchronization, or immediately on the server version .

    1. Download the local version of EasyСontrol store , or install on the server .
    2. Launch PriceLoader in the " Start - Programs - PHPShop - PriceLoader - Price List Handler " menu.

    We have already written several articles about the free PriceLoader utility . Now it has added the ability to update prices and fill the product base from YML files. That's about the last opportunity we’ll talk about now.

    Parsing YML files is widely used by many services, and there are a sufficient number of content parsers on the market, but all of them are paid and require some skill in setting up. The task of PriceLoader is to optimize PHPShop content and minimize intermediate user actions .

    Of the minuses of such migration, we can only note that not 100% transfer of information on goods: after all, only what is displayed in YML is transferred, and its format is very limited. But forIn order to verify the operation of the store on the demo version of PHPShop, the PriceLoader parser does a good job: depending on the number of products on the donor site, the migration of the product base can take from 5 to 30 minutes .

    During processing, the utility is minimized to the tray and shows the current number of processed positions. Thus, you can not only update data on goods, but also create new ones.

    PriceLoader can run multiple projects and complete scheduled tasks. In other words, having 5 different Excel files of suppliers and storing them on your desktop, PriceLoader will process them according to the schedule, ensuring constant presence of current prices on the site.

    So, before starting work, PriceLoader will ask for confirmation that the user has permission to process the data of the site owner (when setting such a password on the file). Also, you will need to specify the link of the YML file (for example, your_site / yml / yandex.php), which almost every online store has, and FTP passwords for accessing the new site. Optionally, you can specify the settings for group processing of copied images from the donor site: resizing and watermark.

    Work Stages:

    1. Processing the YML file, with the creation of the sql-file of the commands to transfer the product base to the PHPShop platform
    2. Copying and processing images of a donor site using links in YML.
    3. Output of a pivot table of processed data, for preliminary filtering, if necessary.
    4. Connecting to the FTP site and copying all the data in the form of sql files and folders with images.
    5. Copying the random.php handler file to FTP, and launching it for sequential processing of sql files. Removing random.php
    6. Message about the implementation.

    In order to protect against unauthorized collection of information, it is recommended to put additional authentication on the YML file. PHPShop uses the YML Advance module for these purposes with the ability to set a password for the site for Yandex.Market.

    Uploading stock through CSV, XLS

    As we noted above, minus the YML parser in transferring only what is output in YML. You can transfer all data, with characteristics, options, additional prices, through the processing of Excel files, which supports 90% of the entered information in the PHPShop database.

    For migration, you need to unload the database in the Excel format (csv, xls) from the donor store and specify the correspondence fields in PriceLoader. To transfer images, it is enough to specify the folder and the method of binding to the product: by article number or identifier. As a result, a set of sql files and images will be generated, which will be uploaded to the FTP site, with the addition or updating of data.


    A little more about PriceLoader from print:

    1. Batch processing of price lists and uploading images to the online store. Part 2.
    2. Batch processing and uploading product images to the online store. Part 1.
    3. Uploading price lists of suppliers to the online store.

    PriceLoader was created as a simple free loader of csv, excel files, but gradually it turned into a multifunctional utility for processing data of various formats and continues to acquire new functionality.

    PS While we were writing this article, the report “CMS prevalence research in Runet, Binet and Uanet” was published , where PHPShop was ranked among the seven CMS with the fastest page loading, ahead of most popular CMS, and if we consider only the “boxes”, we took the second a place. We believe that this is a good argument in favor of checking the performance of your store according to the instructions above.

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