Zopo ZP700 - just a good smartphone

    Today, on the smartphone market, manufacturers want to stand out with their unique design, the most striking and clear display, fast hardware and huge functionality. And this mainly applies to top models, because no one wants to stay on the sidelines of life. But not everyone needs the newest filling in the smartphone, and for many, the choice is in favor of a budget device.

    That is why almost every manufacturer has in his arsenal not only the flagship, which traditionally receives the most attention, but also inexpensive models. Zopo Mobile was no exception and released the ZP700, codenamed Cuppy.


    The device received a 4.7-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 960 x 540px. As a processor, a 4-core MT6582 with a frequency of 1.3 GHz is installed. The amount of RAM is 1 GB, permanent - 4 GB. The video accelerator is the Mali 400-MP2. The rear 8 MP camera has autofocus and flash. On the front side is a 5 MP camera. The battery capacity is 1750 mAh. Smartphone received 2 slots for SIM and 1 slot for a flash card.

    As the operating system, Android 4.2.2 is preinstalled.
    imageScreen: 4.7 ", 960 × 540 px, qHD, OGS, IPS
    imageProcessor: MT6582 (Cortex-A7, 1.3 GHz, 4 cores) Video accelerator
    image: Mali 400-MP2 500MHz
    imageOperating system: Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
    imageOperating memory: 1 GB
    imageUser memory: 4 GB + microSD slot
    imageCamera: front - 5 MP, back - 8 MP
    imageCommunication: 2 SIM-cards (GSM / GPRS / EDGE + UMTS / HSPA +)
    imageAdditionally: GPS, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, OTG, accelerometer, compass, light and distance sensor
    imageBattery: 1750 mAh
    imageDimensions: 137.8 × 68 × 9.6 mm
    imageWeight: 148 gram
    imagePrice: 117 $ (~ 3 950 rubles)


    The device comes in a two-tone box whose top cover is made of black cardboard with a silver company logo. A small relief is applied to the cardboard, which makes it more expensive in appearance compared to compressed counterparts and more pleasant to the touch.

    The bottom of the box is blue, and some information about the device is applied to it.

    The smartphone itself lies tightly in a plastic box, the surface of which resembles a velveteen.

    The package bundle of this device is very rich, which cannot but rejoice. The manufacturer arranged an attraction of unprecedented generosity: here you have a cover, a spare film, and even a card reader and charging into the car. But first things first.

    Let's start with the cover. It is made of leather-like material. It is stitched qualitatively, the device in it sits tightly, which excludes the possibility of its slipping out and, as a result, the loss of several hundred nerves of the owner.

    There are two chargers: one home, the other in the car.

    True, the charger for the home is not intended for use in our country due to the lack of outlets for such a plug, but there is a complete adapter.

    Well, charging in the car is standard: through the cigarette lighter socket. But she sits there not very tight, which is somewhat annoying.

    The kit also has headphones and a USB cable, but this is standard and it would be strange if they were not.

    I was very pleased with the presence of a USB card reader.

    At first glance, you might think that this is a simple plastic keychain. But when you look at its wider part, it becomes clear that this is in fact.

    And concludes our parade, kindly provided by the manufacturer of gifts, a user manual and a spare film on the screen with a cloth for cleaning it.

    Such a variety is really captivating, because now manufacturers are trying to save on anything.


    At first glance, the phone does not stand out. The design is standard. The corners of the smartphone are rounded and there are no mechanical buttons on the front panel. But there are sensory ones with a dim but noticeable backlight.

    At the top of the front panel is a front camera with a resolution of 5 MP, as well as a proximity sensor. In addition, a diode is installed, blinking when missed calls and SMS and burning when charging.

    The back panel is made of plastic with a relief in the form of, so today, fashionable, bidirectional carbon fiber.

    In its upper part is the main camera with a resolution of 8 MP, a flash and the company logo. By the way, the camera rises somewhat above the plane of the smartphone and plays the role of a stand. So the possibility of scratching the lid is reduced, but the camera is the opposite. But again, this is a tribute to modern fashion.

    Below is the speaker hole. Its volume is moderate, it plays strong enough to be heard in the jacket pocket.

    On the right side of the device are the volume control button and the on / off / lock button.

    A single headphone jack is located on the upper edge.

    And below you can see the microphone and microUSB connector.

    Under the back cover, all boards are covered with black plastic, which is mounted on small screws.

    The main place is taken by the battery at 1,750 mAh.

    In the upper part there are two slots for full SIM cards and a microSD slot.

    The assembly is of high quality, it doesn’t cause any complaints, it doesn’t play and creaks anywhere.


    This smartphone is equipped with a 4.7 inch touch screen with a resolution of 540x960 pixels. The screen is bright, the colors are juicy.

    Viewing angles are good, so the person sitting next to you in public transport will not be bored either.

    The capacitive sensor supports 5 touches, which is the norm for this display. And with five fingers at the same time, I think few will use it.

    There is also a proximity sensor. This will prevent accidental button presses when talking on the phone.


    The smartphone has two cameras, the main one is 8 MP, and the front one is 5 MP. More decent image quality is obtained with pictures taken in the daytime. And for the budget segment, this is quite enough. Of course, the image received by the front camera is slightly worse, but enough for video calls and selfies. I give an example of a picture from the rear camera.

    And the photo from the front camera. The weather on the street is autumn, so the photos are gloomy and sad.


    Android 4.2.2 is installed on this device, but finding it out there is quite difficult. The only thing that gives the green man is the standard, for him, the lock screen and pre-installed applications from Google.

    The shell is interesting, somewhat peculiar and for people who are accustomed to standard Android, it will be slightly unusual due to the style of the icons. Like other devices, there is a notification menu and a quick settings menu that you can call by swiping down from the top of the screen.

    In this device, a special role is given to the appearance of the shell, judging by the themes and screensavers.

    By the way, the wallpaper can be changed not only on the desktop, but also on the lock screen. The shell turned out very nice and supports the overall design of the device. There is also OTG, flash drives and mice through the cable quietly recognizes. And yet, although it is stated by the manufacturer that the memory in the phone is 4 GB in fact free 2.05 GB. You can’t do without an additional memory card. You can choose where to install applications.


    This device supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and A-GPS. As for Wi-Fi, then everything is fine. The signal is stable and powerful enough. The module finds a lot of networks. Next to the router (my Wi-Fi is red), the test results are quite expected.

    Through the wall, the signal is not lost.

    The device supports two SIM cards. There is also a very decent GPS to which in addition there is a built-in compass.

    Both SIM cards work stably, without interruptions. For all the time using the phone, there were no problems with wireless modules.


    The smartphone runs on a MediaTek MT6582 chip with a frequency of 1.3 GHz. The main difference from the already well-known MT6589 is the Mali-400 MP2 video accelerator from ARM and the raised frequency at some 100 MHz.

    In benchmarks, the smartphone has indicators at the level of its price category.

    Graphics performance is average.

    In heavy games with beautiful graphics, the device heats up and freezes, but not much.

    Of course, playing heavy, demanding on graphics and game performance is not very comfortable, but for not-so-sophisticated users this smartphone is enough.

    In general, a not too powerful processor and a small amount of RAM determined not very high indicators, but this does not affect the operation of the device, and it will be invisible to people who rarely or do not play games. And the smartphone interface itself works very smartly and answers all tasks without “brakes”.


    The battery is small, only 1 750 mAh. Here the producers stinted, one could make the capacity more. However, it lasts for several days of inactivity or for a day and a half of normal work, and the test showed a very good result.


    In general, the smartphone turned out to be very good. A clear display with saturated colors, there are all communication modules necessary for everyday work, a nice appearance, good assembly and extensive equipment - all this allows us to talk about this device as a competitive player in the smartphone market, especially considering its modest price.


    imageHigh-quality display
    imageGood assembly
    imageExtensive equipment
    imageNice interface with themes
    imageLow price

    imageSmall heat
    imageLow camera quality Low


    The smartphone can be purchased for $ 115.69 with free shipping.

    1. Go to the website http://www.aliexpress.com/ .
    2. Register or log in with your username.
    3. Go to the product page .
    4. Select a color ( white or black ) and click on the Buy Now button .
    5. Pay for the goods. After they send the package and write the track number for tracking.
    Good luck shopping!

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