Resumed sales of Parallella board by Adapteva


    Adapteva on Thursday, June 26, sent out to everyone to resume sales of their open source Parallella board. The sales themselves began yesterday. On a habr earlier it was mentioned, for example here .

    Let me remind you that the Parallella board is a high-performance motherboard based on the SoC Xilinx ZYNQ 7010 (or ZYNQ 7020), as well as the Adapteva Epiphany III with 16 cores. The first crystal contains two ARM Cortex-A9 and FPGA cores of the Artix-7 level, plus a bunch of peripheral controllers (Ethernet, USB 2.0, NAND, SPI, I2C, etc.). The second chip is a proprietary Adapteva. The board is designed for computing and is designed to show the full power of the interaction of ARM, FPGA and DSP cores. Successfully completed Kickstarter.

    The board itself has several modifications, depending on the ZYNQ 7010 or ZYNQ 7020, as well as in the presence or absence of GPIO outputs. So there are only three options. Information at .

    I apologize for any irregularities, I am writing for the first time.

    PS Himself, I have long thought to purchase it, I expected sales for about a year. Today I decided, but was disappointed. Seeing the line as follows.
    Sorry, we don't ship to Russia
    Maybe people will tell you how to get it, I'd love to try ZYNQ and Epiphany III. I would thank for the work.
    In addition, separate demo boards with ZYNQ are sold from $ 600.
    While writing a post, I saw Sold Out and was disappointed, but then again sales resumed.

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