Do not deny yourself anything: Facebook has added 20 more gender options. Now there are 70 of them

    In February, we learned that Facebook is able to count 50 options for gender self-determination (this thing is more complicated than gender, because it is mainly in the head of each individual), which were offered to its users in the form of profile settings.

    4 months have passed since then, and the guys did not waste time: they counted another 20 options, which are available to British users from today . Judging by the fact that the settings also allow you to request the missing option, the new 20 options are added at the request of users.

    I must say that I was not able to deceive the smart car by posing as a Briton - changing the language to English (UK) did not help. But changing the profile language to English (US) you can play with your gender settings in the About - Basic information tab, select Custom in the gender settings:

    You can choose several options and specify the desired treatment option

    But this is just an outdated American version with 50 options . Sorry about it.

    Facebook simply explains the motivation for the change: “We want to be a mirror of society.”

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