Moto 360: smart and beautiful watches from Motorola

    Back in March, news came to Habré that Motorola and LG are planning to release smart watches based on the Android Wear platform. LG has already coped with this task by releasing the LG G Watch , and Google Motorola is about to ship the first batch of Moto 360 (the so-called device) for sale.

    In any case, TheVerge reporters managed to test the Moto 360 test sample a little . In addition, managed to "hold in his hands" and a personal device CEO Motorola. According to reporters, both the “for all” test sample and the personal device worked equally well (their appearance is also almost identical, which is no wonder - it's the same model).

    Under the cut - 10 photos totaling 2-3 MB.

    First impressions

    Journalists liked the Moto 360 watch: it sits well on the hand, it also looks great, while the device can be called practical, this is not an ornament. Actually, the design of smart gadgets is becoming more and more interesting (for example, here is the Activité fitness tracker , which does not look like a tracker).

    Moto 360 will come in a variety of colors, including black-on-black - very stylish, yes.


    As promised, the watch case is round (of course, the display too). The image occupies almost the entire area of ​​the screen, with the exception of a small area below, where the display control "iron" is located.

    The screen is bright and large enough (1.8 inches). According to reporters, the touch screen is very responsive to touch, there are no lags or “sticks”.

    By the way, the round design was not created by chance. The fact is that designers asked several children to draw a smart watch, as they imagine them. And without exception, the children painted exactly the round clock. In general, this may be just a beautiful story, but at Motorola they heeded the opinions of the kids, and made a round watch.


    In general, the Moto 360 can do what other smart watches can do. This is a connection with a smartphone (Bluetooth 4.0 LE.), Which means the ability to receive notifications of messages and calls directly to the display of the wearable device.

    This is a fitness tracker showing how many people went in a day, and how many steps were taken.

    This is an organizer that shows what events are coming in the near future.

    In addition, the device shows how much time it takes to go / go to a certain location (the congestion of roads in this region is also shown). Well, the weather now seems to be able to show and predict even irons.

    The clock screensaver can be changed by installing, for example, a shell in the form of a conventional mechanical watch. From afar, you cannot say that these are not real arrows, but an image.

    Some video

    Price and order

    Most likely, the price will be about 250 US dollars (more precisely, it will not work out for now). You can order the watch either from the manufacturer , plus request a notification about the device’s sale on the Madrobots website .

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