Payoneer and Ball To All - a ball for every child

    Working with thousands of companies around the world, Payoneer helps a wide variety of organizations provide payouts to their employees. Recently, we have entered into a partnership agreement with the nonprofit organization Ball To All, and are proud of this cooperation.

    Ball To All is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to keep children as children. The organization’s employees, the so-called “ambassadors,” work in countries such as Ethiopia, India, Jordan, Kenya, Zimbabwe and many others, providing children in difficult situations with soccer balls. The founders of Ball To All believe that by encouraging children to play, they help them remain children, stay out of trouble, grow healthy and happy.

    Through a partnership with Payoneer, Ball To All plans to increase its presence, add more “ambassadors” and countries in which the organization will operate.

    For our part, we will help the fund by providing free international payments for employees, missions and other types of transfers.

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