Congratulations on the day of the inventor and innovator

    Today we want to congratulate you on the day of people to whom we owe everything. Well, well, they are not involved in the very fact of our birth. Although this is very controversial. Do not think of anything vulgar, it's not about adultery. We are talking about people who create something new in science and technology, in the broadest sense of the word. Today is the day of the inventor and innovator.

    We will not reveal the truth to anyone if we say that our civilization is technocratic through and through. The need to fight for their survival and the mysteriously developed intelligence of the ancient hominids contributed to the development of complex interaction skills in the group, the rudiments of the language, the first primitive tools from improvised materials, and here you have already invented writing, mathematics, metal processing, money, gunpowder, “And that's all it’s spinning! ”, penicillin, tank wedges, carpet bombing, nuclear fission,“ Let's go! ”, moon rover, multiple warheads, Intel 8080, mobile phone, Internet and computer viruses.

    Many inventions are created daily around the world. Most of them will never be claimed by anyone. And no one will know how many great discoveries, phenomena, machines, instruments and appliances disappeared into obscurity. But look around: all the man-made that you see was once invented by someone. Every day we sleep, work, wear, eat, ride, get treatment and make every possible use of the fruits of someone else's inventions. Perhaps, almost the entire population of our planet owes its existence to inventions in medicine, agriculture, energy and many other fields. But when honoring inventors, do not forget about the second “half of the holiday” - rationalizers. These are those who improve and modernize someone’s inventions, often repeatedly increasing the efficiency or quality of the original subject, method, device or machine.

    People like to find out who is the best. A sense of rivalry and competition underlies human nature. And so the war does not stop so many all kinds of lists of the "very-most" - athletes, scientists, fighter pilots. The publishers of the Guinness Book of Records made a fortune on this. Naturally, there are ratings of the best inventors. But how to evaluate the "best" in this matter? The most useful invention? And what is it to be evaluated: in money, in saved lives, in preserved health, in the degree of comfort presented, in the number of defeated enemies, in tons, in arbitrary units of happiness? Choose the best inventor for the most used invention? Well, and how to choose, for example, between electricity, telephone, car and computer?

    In general, it is ungrateful and meaningless to choose the best inventor. So we just want to congratulate all those who create something new, which makes our life safer, easier, longer, which makes us happier, which saves our time, effort and money.

    Happy holiday to you, inventors and innovators!

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