Samsung and IBM host Summer Mobile Development School

    Good afternoon, Habr!

    We are pleased to announce that on June 30 at the Higher School of Economics a two-week Mobile Development Summer School starts! The event will be supported by Samsung and IBM. Our experts will tell a lot of interesting things from the world of mobile development, discover future trends and show promising devices. In addition to mobile themes, classes will also affect wearable devices (Gear 2) and Smart TV.

    The event is aimed at students of leading technical universities. In addition to lectures and practical exercises, independent work of students of the School on projects is provided. The audience will unite in groups, choose an interesting project for them, * a lot of code and coffee *, and after 10 days protect the result of the work, demonstrating a working prototype.

    Venue: Higher School of Economics, Department of Software Engineering, Moscow, ul. Brick, 33 (metro Semenovskaya). Classes will be held in classroom 734 from June 30 to July 12. Classes: 10:00 - 18:00. Link to the schedule (subject to change).

    Those wishing to participate in the Summer School of Mobile Development should fill out this form . Applications are accepted until Friday evening, June 27, 2014. Hurry up!

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