Toaster. User Contribution to Tags: Introducing a Reputation System

    On Toaster, we are building a community of experts in various fields of the IT industry. Over time, no one should have any doubts about where to turn for a competent answer to your question, if searches on the Internet were unsuccessful. Everyone will know that on the Toaster he will always find that specialist who is the best versed in this field and who will certainly help.

    To identify experts in a particular field, you need a reputation system. And today we are pleased to show our first steps to create such a system on the Toaster. We introduce the concept of "Contribution to the tag." The more you contributed to this particular tag, the more expert in this area we consider you.

    How does the reputation system in general work?

    There are currently two ways to contribute to a tag: by asking questions on this tag or by answering such questions. But a simple manifestation of activity here is not enough: the contribution begins to grow only if other users approve of your activity. The more people subscribe to the question you asked, or the more people like your answer to the question, the more contribution you count.

    In order for your contribution to the tag to be taken into account and shown to the rest, you must be subscribed to this tag. It’s okay if you answered questions on tags that you hadn’t originally subscribed to. It is enough to subscribe, and all your past activity on them is immediately taken into account.

    If a question refers to several tags at once, then it is considered that you contribute and become an expert at once on all of them.

    Examples of service sections where reputation is visible

    For each tag, you can always see a list of the best experts on this topic. On the contrary, the user's contribution to the tag shows how many questions and how many answers the user suggested on this tag. As you can see, the contribution to the tag is most affected by the responses. And by no means always the number of answers entails a big contribution: the quality of these answers, which the Toaster users themselves determine with their likes, is important.

    For each user, you can now see exactly what questions he asked on this tag and what answers he wrote by clicking on the appropriate link.

    Each user has a profile of their expert area. By going to the list of user tags, we will see which tags he made the most contribution to, i.e. in which fields of knowledge he is recognized by the Toaster community as the greatest expert.

    And the main page of the user has become a kind of presentation of a person in which his image and achievements in the community are given in a compressed form:
    • tags in which the user has the maximum contribution,
    • his community-rated responses
    • his questions, which gathered the most subscribers.

    Try to look into your profile on the Toaster: I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised to recognize yourself in your presentation. But the intrigue is that it is not known in advance what exactly the community will appreciate in you above all.

    Become an expert and share your experiences with others!

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