P2P News: Tox supports audio calls and TCP Relay, various twister enhancements

    Over the past weeks, only bad news has appeared on the Internet in the field of freedom of speech and privacy, but now there are good ones that I want to share with you: New Tox features, various improvements in Twister.


    TCP Relay

    The developers of the secure messenger have done a great job and now the kernel supports TCP Relay.

    TCP Relay - On the fly - these are the super nodes that were on the Skype network before buying the company . At the moment, they perform the function of transmitting traffic to a Tox network participant who does not have an external IP and / or UDP for some reason does not work.

    But, not least, the function is a huge reserve for the future. TCP Relay will be used when working with mobile devices (especially iOS) as mobile devices may have a limit on the number of simultaneous connections (especially in the background).

    One of the interesting features - Tox during initialization on the network, tries to connect directly (UDP) and regardless of the result (i.e. even if the connection is successful) is looking for TCP Relay that will be ready to serve it if there are interruptions in the network with UDP / NAT.

    But the reverse situation is also true - when connecting via TCP Relay, the client constantly tries to make a direct connection, as soon as it successfully passes to it.

    Feel like skype?

    But there is a small fly in the ointment - the protocol has been changed and now it is not compatible with the old protocol - all clients need to be recompiled.


    Now the packets generated by Tox are smaller in size, protection mechanisms against evil TCP Relay have been introduced that could specifically try to interfere between you and your contacts. The protocol can now dynamically, randomly resize packets (increase them by adding noise) to prevent sniffing of encrypted audio traffic.
    (You can roughly analyze the conversation that was encrypted based on the flow of information, its size)

    Audio calls

    The first Windows client started supporting audio calls - github.com/notsecure/winTox
    Binaries here wiki.tox.im/Binaries (WinTox = uTox)



    - Fixed various memory leaks that caused the daemon to crash and / or consumed more than a gigabyte of memory (in normal mode, memory consumption is not more than 50-100mb)
    - Added RSS support for users / feeds
    - Now you can publish posts longer than 140 characters (automatically broken and they’re going to)
    - The choice of themes is built-in and does not require downloading a new theme from Github
    - Various errors in the node-webkit assembly have been fixed.
    - The number of nodes in the network approached 10k (Now - 9860),
    the latest version for Windows can be picked up here github.com/iShift/twister-webkit/releases/latest
    Commits viewed here (https://github.com/miguelfreitas/twister-core / commits / master /github.com/miguelfreitas/twister-html/commits/master / github.com/iHedgehog/twister-calm/commits/master )

    What is a twister can be read here habrahabr.ru/post/208472

    Public data for testing:
    Login: habr_public
    Key : L1P7TqdTGcYDaqgDaM1afz7BRkBArBFiNohYuJMzQkxRkg2kL5W1

    or habrahabr_public KxW3qe7n6qdnMGfUe3CizM4TH2h878DxuBq6V24FmpkPV9hdn2ix

    If previously you were afraid to try it twister because of the complicated settings and / or run - it is now simply run the installer - will be installed on the shell of Node-webkit which will manage the daemon running in the background.

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    Below I offer you an interesting survey.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    If two services are absolutely identical, but one of them is distributed and cannot be eavesdropped by anyone (including the government of any country) What service will you use?

    • 3.7% Centralized - I trust my information to the company and / or the state - they must protect it 24
    • 96.2% Decentralized - I trust my information only to algorithms that confirm that it cannot be decrypted and I’m ready to lose it if I forget the password 610

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