How we collected Robogolova


    We live in an amazing time, 10 years ago, robotics was something fantastically inaccessible. Now, on the basis of Arduino, a set of servo motors, laser cutting and 3D printing, you can make a variety of projects - and this will be quite affordable in terms of finances and skills (a schoolchild can assemble).

    An example of one of such projects is Robogolova .

    This project was found among kickstarter projects. The advantage is that the developers posted all the assembly instructions in OpenSource.

    To create, you will need:
    • laser cutting (plywood)
    • 3D printing (eye elements)
    • Arduino (microcontroller)
    • servo motors
    • fasteners

    Let's get started.

    Laser cutting

    The first stage is laser cutting of parts for assembly of the case (thanks to ), 3mm plywood was used:

    3D printing

    3D printing is used to make eyes, and the mechanism for turning the eyes.

    They printed in hackspace on our 3D printer (thanks to Semyon ):


    We bought Arduino (a Chinese equivalent), a dozen servo motors, and a shield board for connecting a servo to an arduino.


    In Yekaterinburg there is a wonderful store - Krepika, where all the necessary fasteners were found.


    We have enough tools for assembly in the hackspace (thanks to spiritus_sancti ):


    The assembly was supervised by Oleg ( Vertebral ), and recent schoolchildren - graduates of the Ural Computer School - Alexander and Ilya volunteered to assemble, here they are behind the assembly process:

    Here are the assembly steps of the Robogolovs:

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    And now - 90% readiness:

    The head came to life

    November 7, 2013 Robogolova came to life, and explored the world:


    One of the reasons I wanted to assemble this Robogolova is that it can be a good example of DIY robotics. And of course, we took Robogolova to various events, where our hackspace participated.

    Discover ICT
    In November 2013, Robogolova was already at the Discover ICT information technology exhibition at the ExpoCenter of Yekaterinburg.

    Morning at the exhibition:

    at the reception, with a webcam for OpenCV face recognition

    Robogolova on the IT-tree for children
    Robogolova was a member of New Year's workshops for children .



    Lecture for high school students at the

    Physics Department of UrFU Sarah Zibell and MakeItLab Workshop on the ideology of “Make It”

    March 2014, Robogolova learned to speak - an invitation to a conference of it-developers DUMP:


    We were approached by several people who were interested in Robogolov, and now we got a conveyor:


    I think an interesting question for many - how much will all this cost? If you try, then at the cost of components - you can keep within 5-7 tr.

    Do it yourself

    All drawings and assembly instructions are available on the official page . For manufacturing - I recommend finding fablab, CMIT or hackspace in your city - they have equipment and enthusiasts who will help with the assembly.

    If there is no hack space in your city, or you want to save time on manufacturing (cutting, 3D printing), searching, buying, checking all components, but want to get a ready-made kit for self-assembly, you can order in our online store .

    View live

    You can watch Robogolova herself in our hack space in Yekaterinburg .

    From July 9 to July 12, Robogolova will be present (together with the participants of the hackspace, 3D printers and mobile robots) at the booth of our hackspace at the Innoprom-2014 exhibition .

    How to find us at Innoprom 2014 (Pavilion No. 1, 1F3.3):
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    We will be glad to see you. And by the way, in Pavilion No. 3, the stand Russian Robotics will be presented .

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