Sling.Me: Facebook has launched its own Slingshot messenger for iOS and Android

    The social network Facebook unexpectedly released its own messenger called Slingshot, which can be downloaded for iOS and Android .

    The application allows you to exchange text and image messages, and has the option of self-deletion of posts, as in Snapchat, because of which the novelty has already been attributed to the category of social flirting. The service also supports photo editing and group messaging to friends.

    Singshot uses a mobile phone number to register, and a phone notebook as a list of friends. In addition, the program can be linked to your Facebook account. Interestingly, Zuckerberg's company tried to acquire Snapchat twice, but nothing came of it. It seems that is why Facebook decided to launch its own messenger - a hybrid of Viber, Snapchat and Telegram. Facebook acquired the

    domain name for the project, , in April this year for $ 9,600.00 . After receiving the bid, the seller put it up for weekly trading, but could not attract more interested buyers. It is very likely that Facebook was not able to acquire the 17-year-old and in a hurry before launch, they chose a short name at an affordable price. I wonder if they will soon rebrand in Sling.Me.

    A two-minute demo from The Verge (in English) shows the main features of Slingshot in action:

    Via EnGadget

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