POMP C6S - affordable phablet with attractive features

    It will not be superfluous to recall that it was in Samsung that they created the phablet line, releasing models from the Note line. No one expected success from a niche device, but sales of the first Note were overwhelming. Of course, other manufacturers simply could not ignore this segment of the market and began to release their solutions. Practice has shown that for users, not only size is important, but also other characteristics. And you have to pay for the characteristics, which is why such devices are quite expensive for the average user. But here Chinese manufacturers come to the rescue, releasing either clones of popular models or quality analogues at a low price.

    One of such analogues will be discussed today. Thin Chinese smartphone POMP C6S boasts primarily a large display, its filling, as well as an attractive appearance, but first things first.


    POMP C6S is a 5.5-inch smartphone with an FHD OGS display, which is based on the MT6592 octa-core processor with a frequency of 1.7 GHz. The Mali 450 MP4 video chip has 8 cores operating at a frequency of 700 MHz and having 512 KB of cache in the second level. The amount of RAM was 2 GB, internal - 32 GB. In addition, the device was equipped with a 13 megapixel camera from Sony, two SIM slots, a 3000 mAh battery, MHL, OTG, NFC functions, and the proprietary DUI interface based on Android 4.2.2 is responsible for the work. Separately, it is worth noting the dimensions of the new product, which are distinguished by narrow frames and a thin body, the thickness of which is only 7.7 mm. It is sold in three colors - black, white and yellow.

    imageScreen: 5.5 ", 1920 × 1080 px, FHD, OGS, LG IPS
    imageProcessor: MT6592 (Cortex-A7, 1.7 GHz, 8 cores)
    imageVideo accelerator: Mali 450-MP 700MHz
    imageOperating system: Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
    imageRAM: 2 GB
    imageUser memory: 32 GB
    imageCamera: front - 8 megapixels, rear - 13 megapixels
    imageCommunication: 2 SIM-cards (GSM / GPRS / EDGE + UMTS / HSPA +)
    imageOptional: GPS, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, MHL, OTG, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, light and distance sensor
    imageBattery: 3000 mAh
    imageDimensions: 152 × 77 × 7.7 mm
    imageWeight: 162 Gram
    imagePrice: 240 $ (~ 8 350 rubles)


    The packaging of the smartphone is made in white. In the center is the company logo.

    The box lid was not removed the first time due to its configuration. Immediately below it is the device itself, which occupies the entire packaging area. Under it, in a separate box, there are instructions and a SIM card lock needle. At the bottom are headphones, a USB cable and a charger, Chinese size, but with an adapter. You can also find a case made of thin translucent plastic. The accessory fits perfectly on the smartphone and almost does not increase its size. But the material is fragile, so it is better to be more careful with it, otherwise it will accidentally burst.

    The sound in the headphones is pretty good, but there are no extra sizes of earbuds for them. The charger has an output current of 1.5A, which allows you to charge the battery in just two hours.


    POMP C6S should be called the classic “black bar” (in our case, black and white) if it were not for one “but” - a small thickness and narrow frames. Nevertheless, the features of the POMP C6S design are not very attractive. Most of the plane is a 5.5-inch screen.

    In appearance, the device turned out to be a very interesting and cute device.

    On the front panel of the device are a speaker, microphone, ambient light sensor and 8 MP camera. Unfortunately, there is no notification indicator.

    The control buttons are touch-sensitive. Their backlighting is active only at the time of use. The buttons are spaced conveniently, pressing the wrong way and misses are rare.

    On the right side are the power and camera buttons.

    Actually, one of the main features of the device is quick shooting. By holding the camera button, you can take a picture in just a few seconds. Full-size 13 MP autofocus shot. Let me remind you that almost none of the manufacturers of Android smartphones puts a separate camera button, citing the high cost, the need for remaking the case, and so on. The keys are masked in color under the body, and are almost invisible. Pressing soft, however, is not always noticeable.

    The left side is only half full. It tightly placed the volume keys and a slot for SIM cards.

    The latter consists of two compartments on a micro-SIM card.

    From above, the headphone jack is lonely visible.

    Bottom - microphone and microUSB connector, designed for charging, connecting to a PC, as well as OTG or MHL cable.

    The rear surface of the POMP C6S is glossy and slightly slippery. But the plastic of the back panel is pleasant to the touch and doesn’t snap in very much especially on the white color version.

    On the rear side, a 13 MP camera, a flash and a microphone are located in an even pyramid.

    Closer to the middle, the smartphone brand proudly flaunts, and at the bottom is the speaker.

    The case is made integral, so it is very difficult to disassemble it without certain tools. As for convenience, here the dimensions take their toll. Touching to the upper left corner is very difficult.


    The screen is presented by LG IPS matrix with FullHD-resolution. The screen size is 5.5 inches, with a density of 401PPI. This density makes individual pixels almost indistinguishable. Of course, such a resolution makes the image truly clear and detailed.

    Thanks to the IPS-matrix, the screen always maintains the clarity of the image, even outdoors in clear weather. The brightness of the display can be set manually, or you can use the automatic adjustment.

    The picture on the screen is very clear, with excellent color reproduction and maximum viewing angles. The screen is pleasant to the touch, the finger glides gently, and the response is fast.

    Multi-touch technology allows you to process up to 5 touch points at the same time. A proximity sensor is also installed, which avoids accidental keystrokes during a call.


    Both cameras have a fairly high resolution. The front one is represented by an 8 MP sensor, the rear one by 13. Thanks to this resolution, even the smallest details of the photo will be visible. However, color rendering failed. Colors are not always natural. Night landscapes, alas, are not subject to this sensor. But the location of the lens is very good. In the very corner, he is unlikely to hurt.

    The ISO selection is limited to 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1600. Noise appears on the latter at high magnification. There is continuous shooting up to 40 photos, as well as HDR mode. From the photo settings I was surprised by the function “Capture when a smile is detected”.

    In addition to her, the camera can shoot panoramas at 270 degrees, and makes good macro shots from a distance of 10 centimeters.

    The lack of manual focus and, sometimes, the long wait for the response from the automation greatly upset me. However, in general, the camera has quite good features, in comparison with other mobile devices.


    The first thing that catches your eye inside the OS is the lock screen. On it, at the top, the time and date are neatly located, and at the bottom, an impromptu virtual lock and key. To unlock them you need to combine. The lock graphically shows the battery charge. The main screen accommodates up to 20 icons + another lower row for 4 frequently used applications. All icons are stylized to a single design in the form of rounded squares.

    The DUI shell is pretty enough. There are no extra Chinese applications. It should also be noted that the smartphone is running Google Android OS version 4.2.2. Chinese manufacturers have already begun to slowly release software updates for their devices, I am sure that POMP will not be left without attention.

    To the usual set of programs from Google were added “Flashlight”, “File Manager”, “Notes”.

    You can enable gesture support in the software shell. The add-in works, you can scroll through the desktops, photos and pages in the menu. I did not find more application, but it looks very cool.


    The smartphone is designed to work with two SIM cards, both of them work in 2G and 3G communication standards.

    There are also modules WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 quality of work, which are at a fairly high level. The navigation system of the smartphone is represented only by the GPS module. Its accuracy is not always high, especially in the light of recent events.

    There is support for NFC close interaction technology, the module works stably. Despite its high performance, the processor does not support LTE. However, Mediatek will soon launch the release of mobile 64-bit processors with support for this communication standard.


    In general, the POMP C6S smartphone showed really very good results when compared with any other rivals for such a price. But if we compare the results of the smartphone with the market leaders, then the lag behind Qualcomm Snapdragon 800/801 is still noticeable, although not very strong. If you rely on the numbers of the popular AnTuTu benchmark, it looks like this: 29 thousand points for POMP C6S with a core frequency of 1.7 GHz and about 35 thousand for top-end smartphones such as LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC M8 and others on a hardware platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 800/801. The smartphone was able to almost come close to leading solutions at Qualcomm.

    On such hardware, the smartphone easily copes with high-quality video 1080 / 50p, including such popular formats as avi, mpeg and even mkv. In addition, he can handle most modern 3D games, for example: GTA: San Andreas or Deus Ex: The Fall.

    The shell works smartly, the most resource-intensive applications are quickly executed, demanding 3D games go without jerking and sagging FPS. FullHD movies smartphone turns easily. Offhand, it’s even difficult to name a situation where there will be clearly not enough power.


    One of the main advantages of the POMP C6S smartphone I would call the battery life. According to this parameter, the novelty, if not the leader, then at least among the leaders. This was clearly shown as benchmarks, and real use.

    Let's start with the benchmarks. AnTuTu Tester, which loads the device's CPU up to 100%, was able to discharge the battery in about five hours. This is a very decent indicator.

    When playing a video file with a screen brightness set to maximum, the smartphone worked for almost 10 hours! The result of playing videos from YouTube is also pleasing. A Wi-Fi connection was used, the screen brightness was set to maximum. In this mode, the smartphone lasted about eight hours, which is very cool.


    The market for Chinese technology has changed a lot lately. The word "Chinese" has ceased to mean something cheap and not working. This smartphone showed that the market for Asian technology is in no way inferior to branded things. It is possible that for some people this device is not suitable because of the size of the screen, so it creates more inconvenience than gives advantages, while others believe that this class of devices has the right to life and find it quite convenient and universal. The smartphone is made very high quality, the filling is worked out to the smallest detail. There are such innovations as NFC, MHL, OTG, however, LTE is very lacking. For such a modest price, I think that the model is very decent.


    imageFast iron
    imageHigh-quality display
    imageGood build Gesture
    imageLarge memory capacity and microSD slot
    imageAvailable for all kinds of communications (OTG, MHL, NFC)
    imageLong battery
    imagelife Low price

    imageNo LTE support
    imageNo notification indicator Average
    imagepicture quality


    You can buy POMP C6S at the CooliCool store. The price along with delivery and a boxoverview coupon (gives a $ 5 discount) will be $ 240 .

    Good luck shopping!

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