Yes, two suddenly seemingly different concepts came together in one.

    TOR - p2p network for anonymous surfing.

    BitCoin and all other altCoin (alternatives to Bitcoin) - a digital currency based on cryptography. Our Central Bank affectionately calls it a “ money surrogate, ” although it is not indicated anywhere what this means.
    However, the authors of the surprisingly entertaining concept of TorCoin , three people from Yale University and one of the American research laboratory morflot, managed to cross these two concepts.

    As mentioned in a recent article here on Habré, the Tor network suffers from a lack of relays (nodes that serve as transmission links in the network).
    The authors of the concept propose creating a virtual currency that will reward the owners of these same relays. Currency mining will consist in providing traffic for the Tor network. The more traffic provided, the more currency received.
    The concept describes two protocols, TorCoin for processing mining, and TorPath for working with routing
    Unfortunately, I do not have the physical ability to translate all the fundamental work. But as a fan of anonymous networks and cryptocurrencies (of course, I mean purely academic interest in them and holy penalties for the criminal code) I cannot but share with this respected public this undoubtedly interesting project.

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