Intel introduced a prototype laptop with wireless charging, WiGig and passive cooling

    The other day , news was already published on Habré about an ultra-thin laptop from Intel, which will soon go on sale.

    But besides this laptop, Intel also introduced a laptop that can charge wirelessly, equipped with a WiGig communication module, and with a passive cooling system. In the very near future, such devices may appear on sale if the technologies provided by Intel get the approval of the main manufacturers of laptops and notebook chips.

    Intel experts predict the emergence of a new platform that allows laptops to charge wirelessly in mid-2015. The platform is called Skylake. Well, the magnetic resonance-based wireless charging system is called Rezence.

    Such a system can be installed directly in the computer desk (charging takes place at a distance of several centimeters). Rezence allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time, including a laptop, smartphone, tablet and everything else that supports this method of charging.

    Well, WiGig, an interface for high-speed (7Gbps) wireless data transmission, for example, allows you to wirelessly transfer an image to a monitor.

    In addition, the presented laptop is also equipped with the Broadwell platform , with a passive cooling system. Broadwell allows you to create thin and productive laptops with high energy efficiency.

    Via Intel + CNET

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