HipHop: Popcorn Time analogue for music

    Everyone knows about the wonderful program Popcorn Time, with which copyright holders have been struggling hard for several months now. An extensive catalog of movies with torrent broadcast. Open source Popcorn Time has popularized the idea of ​​free, accessible content in a convenient interface.

    In general, the idea went to the people. Github has dozens of Popcorn Time forks. The HipHop program for Windows, Linux and Mac is a continuation of the same idea, but not for films, but for music.

    HipHop catalog contains over 45 million songs. This is much more than in the iTunes catalog (26 million). The program does not require registration, is completely free and does not show ads.

    “We believe that listening to music should always be free and affordable for every person,” the authors of HipHop write on the official website. We also believe that software, if it is useful and open source, simply cannot die. ”

    Apparently, HipHop downloads files from YouTube, and information about the artist takes from Lastfm and iTunes. By the way, for Chrome, there has long been a Streamus extension , which also streams music from YouTube in a rather elegant interface.

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