Fira Sans Font Update

    Last weekend, a famous specialist Erik Spiekermann announced the release of a new version of the font Fira Sans (3.1). Before that, the font was available in eight styles: (light, regular, medium and bold) * italic and a separate Fira Mono in regular and bold styles. The new version has an additional 24 styles, from hair to ultra. Thus, the font has become one of the most saturated of all free fonts.

    Fira Sans was developed by a group of designers led by Eric Spiekermann in 2013 for Mozilla and its Firefox OS operating system. The font was based on the popular commercial font FF Meta , also published by Eric Spiekermann.

    The font is well suited for typing large amounts of text and headings. And light styles will fit perfectly into the flat design paradigm.


    An updated version of the font is available immediately in all formats: for the web and desktop. However, the original styles begin from weight 20 to weight 950, which is not included in the range of font-weight available on the web, which is limited to only nine values: 100-900. To publish the font, we divided it into three different fonts: Fira Sans Light , where all the “thin” styles went, Fira Sans with styles from 100 to 700, and Fira Sans Heavy , where the most massive styles are located: extrabold, heavy and ultra . Moreover, the downloaded archive contains everything at once. Fonts were published in the original formats distributed by the author, no changes were made.

    Original files in otf are available on the official website font.

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