An easy way to make selling plain text

    In order for the client to appreciate all the delights of your offer, he must read about it on your site. The problem is that users ignore texts on the web more and more - spoiled by graphics prefer to cling to beautiful pictures and pictograms, the form of presentation is becoming increasingly important. If a site visitor has read the text, the likelihood of ordering increases several times. How to attract a visitor to the text and help to read? It is necessary to concentrate on the most important, correctly place emphasis, beautifully design and invite to action. Why, if everyone understands this, nobody (or almost nobody) pays attention to this?

    It is difficult for many to form a clear and beautiful structure of the text in their heads and implement it on the site using the control panel. It is for them that we have formed a simple template. Paste it into the WYSIWYG editor, replace text, pictures - and voila!

    An easy way to make selling plain text

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    Writing guidelines for this template

    Sell ​​from the first paragraph.

    The most important part of the text is the first paragraph. Try to understand it in three sentences in an understandable language, about what and for whom your service is. Avoid common phrases. Be more specific. After reading the first paragraph, a person must understand the essence and be ready to place an order, if that is what he was looking for. All subsequent paragraphs are a resale if a simple clear description of the service is not enough.

    Call for action

    If a visitor to the site, having read part of your text, is ready to send a request, help him do it in all convenient ways. The transition to the order form, phone numbers, office address - all that is relevant for ordering a specific service. Price (or price order) and commentary on it also contribute to quick decision making. It is better to duplicate this plate several times on the page.

    Describe what is included in the service

    In the second paragraph, briefly describe what is included in the service. Form the visitor with a comprehensive understanding of what he will get as a result of working with you. Here you also need to be extremely specific and avoid phrases such as "an individual approach to each client." A set of clear values ​​that the client will receive and what the generalized result of these values ​​will result in for the client.

    List your advantages.

    In the third part, you can already talk about your merits (we begin to strengthen sales). Start with points of similarity with market leaders (what everyone has) and add a few specific advantages over competitors (points of difference). If they are not, then come up with, but do not say common words. Highlight it with separate bullets for better readability. Try to highlight no more than 6-8 points of benefits.

    Describe how you work

    Describe step by step in a few sentences how you build your work. This helps the customer introduce the process and builds trust in you. This text should not be selling. He must show your professionalism. Tell us about quality control, how you manage to meet deadlines, etc. In the end, invite for cooperation. The purpose of this paragraph is to provide the client with an idea of ​​the process - from the appeal to the moment the result is received. Just do not forget about brevity.

    Secure with customer reviews

    Now is the time to put an end to it. The client at this moment lacks quite a bit to click the "Order" button. The client now needs to convince himself not to waste time on further searches. This will help him feedback from your customers. Post 2-3 reviews in the last part of the service description. This will be enough for the request / order to take place.

    If your services will be described according to this template, the growth in the number of requests will not take long.

    And the last: it is better to purchase images on stocks or in icon stores. This will save you time, and it will be more pleasant for the reader to contemplate high-quality, not hackneyed pictures.

    I would be glad if our solution is useful.

    Vasily Churanov and WebCanape team

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