How much is the apple market today?

    The apple app market, or the Apple App Store , consumes and generates money. The more you invest, the higher the return. However, earned is not always more spent. Recently, a typical schedule of spent / received funds has suddenly formed in my head.


    The green line is the graph of the money spent. What are you spending? To buy traffic . As a result, your application goes to the TOP100, TOP25 or ( wow !!) TOP10 USA and starts to make money. The red line is earned. If you earned more than you spent, then the red line on the graph is higher than the green one and you relax in Hawaii, pouring white sand between Waikiki between your palms .
    “What is the point W?”, The quick-witted reader will ask.

    In 2011, it amounted to $ 5,000, this was enough to enter the TOP10 . The application brought at least $ 1,000 a day. Those days are gone. Now in 2014 you need to spend $ 50,000, applications from the TOP10 earn at least $ 10,000 per day per day.

    I want to note that we are talking about successful applications, which, after an artificial jump into the TOP , themselves begin to raise their rating and stay on the crest of success for at least 5 days. The mathematically red parabola can be characterized by an exponent. If the exponent is greater than 1 - this is cool, you and your application are great. If less than equal to 1, we get a blue graph and a donut hole. That is, how much money do not invest - the tree will not grow.

    How to determine the exponent for your application? You don’t have to spend $ 50,000 for this.
    Dexterously, I lured you under the cut ?

    Your application success rate

    I remind you, if the indicator is more than 1, then you can risk money. Preferably not your own, of course. Find a rich uncle and shake him, waving an indicator.

    To determine success, I use the following formula.
    • We release a free application;
    • We embed adMob advertising in the application;
    • We embed in the application one purchase of 1 dollar;
    • We recruit reviews, sending out 10,000 application downloads;
    • After a month, we calculate the earnings from advertising and purchases.

    If the profit from advertising is more than $ 5 per day, and absolutely more than 1% of purchases (that is, about 100) - then the success rate is more than 1.

    Conclusion How to get 10,000 downloads?

    I'll tell you. And I will write.
    I will write an article on the effectiveness of reviews. Reviews issued on three domestic resources and two bourgeois .
    In three weeks I scored 9000 downloads - which means that in a week I will know the success rate of the application.
    The month ends on June 4th. I think everyone who has read up to these words will be interested in looking at the real numbers.
    Then, I will collect $ 10 from all the hub bots , invest in traffic - I buy 5000 quality T-shirts with the inscription

    #include "ботаник.h"

    But this is only in the case of a coefficient> 1.

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