Launching torrents from a mobile phone on a DVD photo

    You came to the DVD store and chose a good movie. But instead of buying, just photograph it with the camera of your Android smartphone. When you come home - the movie is on the disc of your PC. This is how Torrent Droid works.

    Torrent Droid won the competition that hosted the Androidandme website to create a barcode scanning program for the G1 smartphone and automatically download torrents. Apparently, the idea was in the air, and launching torrents from a mobile phone is a very demanded task. The main thing is that everything works automatically and by the time the user arrives home, the movie has already been downloaded.

    The final version of the Torrent Droid will appear in about a month on the Zerofate website . Although already now the main functionality is working in it, which is captured on the video.

    via TorrentFreak

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