Union 2.0

    The trade union is a very useful phenomenon in society. At the same time, a huge army of web programmers, designers, optimizers and other IT people are deprived of all the opportunities that the union gives.

    How can a union benefit?
    • You got sick and the source of income drastically dried up. No one will pay you the sick-list, because you are on free bread. As a member of such a union, you can get help.
    • You are a young startup. What if all union members support your project together by advertising on their projects?
    • The possibilities of the trade union in resolving legal and even political issues are much greater than the capabilities of one web developer.
    • After all, will you ever grow old. The union can solve your pressing problems of retirement :)
    In my opinion, the front-face of the union can be made in the form of a website. Anyone can register on it, communicate, make applications, solve problems. Each user will have, say, a confidence rating in order to weed out freeloaders.

    How will a union exist? Due to union dues. Contributions will be discretized, that is, newcomers will pay a little, activists more. Well and all in the same vein.

    Get a sort of "Union 2.0". The main thing is democracy, openness and authority of the trade union.

    It is interesting to hear your opinions.

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