Intel and Rockchip together will create SoC for Android tablets

    Intel and Rockchip, a Chinese chip maker, are joining forces to create a low-cost but powerful processor for mobile devices. According to the agreements reached, the result of cooperation between the companies will be a 4-core SoC based on Intel Atom with 3G on board, expanding the promising Intel SoFia family and designed for low-cost mobile devices. All three processors of the family (in addition, another dual-core with 3G and four-core with LTE) should be available no later than mid-2015.
    The expansion of Intel's cooperation with related companies is designed to accelerate the time to market for modern mobile chips and increase their range. The availability of offers will also increase, as consortium members have agreed to distribute each product through their established OEM / ODM channels. Thus, this unusual (the participants called it “the first of its kind”) agreement plays into the hands primarily of consumers who will be able to purchase the most advanced mobile products faster and easier.
    Meanwhile, on Habré the reasons and consequences of this event are already discussed ...

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