Tesla set a quarterly record for the volume of electric vehicles produced

    Recently it became known that Tesla set a record in the production of electric vehicles. And it is no longer about the "rush" records, which can be called random. Now the company's production capacity is consistently high, over the past few weeks, the volume of supply has steadily increased.

    It is worth recalling that for Tesla an increase in the production of electric vehicles is a critical task. Tesla Inc is currently unprofitable, as evidenced, in particular, by the quarterly loss shown earlier . To achieve a profit company needs to produce about 5 thousand electric cars per week.

    The company managed to fulfill and even exceed the task. In total for the last seven days, 6,700 electric vehicles have left the conveyor. In the last two days alone, 2300 electric vehicles of various models were produced.

    The second important task is to raise the production volume of Tesla Model 3 to 50-55 thousand per month. By the end of the month, this task can also be completed. By the way, last week Ilon Mask announced the most impressive quarter in the history of the company. According to the head of the company, Tesla managed to produce twice as many electric vehicles in the new quarter as compared with the previous period. So, according to Tesla Inc, we are talking about 53339 cars instead of 28578.

    Over the past four months (not a reporting period, but a calendar one), the company has managed to increase its production up to 64,300 cars. Of these, 42,000 are the Tesla Model 3.

    In general, it is not yet clear whether it is possible to speak of a time-sustained result. Yes, so far, the positive dynamics looks stable, but will it continue for a long time? It's not clear yet. On the other hand, the company still managed to achieve the planned indicators without looking at any difficulties (care of several top managers, accidents at work, increased attention of regulators, etc.).

    Now investors can see that the company is making a profit, which means an increase in its attractiveness in the eyes of investors. All previous years were unprofitable for Tesla, now, as far as can be judged, there is a white line and at the same time a new stage of development.

    It seems that Tesla can easily produce 50 thousand Model 3 for the quarter, and 80 thousand electric vehicles in general. Now digging focuses on the production and supply of expensive models, including the Tesla Model 3 in the top configuration, which brings Tesla Inc profit. In addition, the level and production of luxury models Model S and Model X.

    The problem is that the electric car of the basic configuration practically does not make the company a profit, and since Tesla now needs to increase the flow of finances going to the company's account, production is suspended in favor of other models and configurations. For example, the older configuration of the Tesla Model 3 costs the buyer $ 79,000, which is more than twice the cost of the basic configuration. Ilon Musk said that the buyers of inexpensive configurations of electric vehicles will receive their orders, but a little later than the buyers of more expensive modifications and luxury models like Model S and Model X.

    Of course, it doesn’t do without difficulties - for example, a number of Tesla electric vehicle owners, after a recent update of the onboard system, complained about the termination of the built-in autopilot. The company acknowledged the problem and stated that engineers continue to work on fixing it.

    Currently, all updates are made by air, a visit to the dealer is not required. True, owners of electric cars sometimes complain of problems of a different nature. For example, not so long ago, some drivers were unable to download updates of navigation maps via a mobile network.

    As for autopilot, the problem was first reported on Tuesday. One of the owners sent a complaint to the company, and on Thursday they promised to fix all the errors. The update was supposed to expand the autopilot functionality, for example, to improve the maneuvering of the car when entering and leaving the highway. Also, the developers have added enhanced recognition of traffic lights, road signs and improved tracking of the number of lanes on the road. So far it is unclear whether we are talking about a major failure or single "deviations from the norm."

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