Samsung Launches New Samsung Level Mobile Audio Devices Series

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    Earlier this month, Samsung announced a new series of audio products under the brand Samsung Level. Portable news promise users good sound, ease of use, as well as the ability to seamlessly connect to a smartphone or tablet. The series consists of four models: Level Over, Level On, Level In and Level Box.

    Samsung Level Over - the flagship model of headphones with HD-sound, ergonomic design, touch control and the ability to connect via Bluetooth. 50mm speakers are designed using neodymium magnets. Biocellulose prevents the occurrence of resonance between the vibrating plate and the frame, and guarantees a clear sound without interference. Samsung Level Over headphones use hybrid-type active noise cancellation technology, which they themselves are equipped with, as well as an external microphone, which allows the owner to isolate themselves from the outside world and enjoy only pure music.

    Users can download the Samsung Level headphone app on the Google Play Store or Samsung Apps. It activates a special SMART monitor, which will prevent hearing loss when playing music for a long time at the highest volume. In addition, using this application, the owners of the headphones will be able to connect voice notifications for reading received messages, as well as for an alarm clock and calendar. Equalizer SoundAlive will help optimize the sound for listening to both music and movies, games, streaming video and audio. With it, you can adjust the 3D effect, adjust the depth of the bass and use one of 25 different preset settings: pop music, rock, jazz, concert music, etc.

    Sound:50 mm Neodymium Magnet Biocellulose Diaphragm / Active Noise Cancellation
    Design: Highly elastic headphone material / leather-like shell material
    Bluetooth: BT 3.0 / apt-X audio codec, SBC
    Interfaces: Touch control Smart Touch Control / 3.5 mm audio jack
    Functions: Voice control S Voice / Bluetooth connection / Two-microphone noise reduction and echo cancellation system / Listening mode / Standby time with ANC on: 15 h / 30 h / Listening mode / Standby time with ANC off: 30 h / 200 h
    Accessories: Carrying case / Micro USB cable / Se Many audio cable with microphone and remote control / Adapter for aircraft
    Dimensions and weight:175 x 190 x 78 mm / 350 g

    Another Samsung Level On headphone model has 40 mm speakers with a two-layer diaphragm.

    Sound: 40 mm two-layer diaphragm
    Interfaces: 3.5 mm audio jack
    Functions: Voice control S Voice
    Accessories: Carrying case / Detachable audio cable with microphone and remote control
    Dimensions and weight: 161.75 x 181.4 x 70.4 mm / 209.8 g

    Headphones- Samsung Level In liners are equipped with three-channel speakers: two reinforcing drivers with a balanced armature for clean mid and high frequencies and one dynamic driver for rich bass sound.

    Sound:Three-channel speakers (2 reinforcing drivers with balanced armature / 1 dynamic driver)
    Design: In-ear headphones
    Interfaces: 3.5 mm audio jack
    Functions: Voice control S Voice
    Accessories: Carrying case / Removable ear pads: 4 pcs. made of silicone rubber, 3 pcs. memory foam silicone
    Weight: 15.7 g

    The new line of audio devices is completed by the compact Bluetooth speaker Samsung Level Box, made in a metal case with a 56-mm speaker and a battery for 15 hours of continuous operation. It also has a built-in noise and echo cancellation system. The speaker can be connected to any NFC-enabled mobile device. Management is carried out using the built-in buttons that allow you to adjust the volume, enable or disable music playback, and also accept and reject calls.

    Sound: 56 mm stereo speaker with passive radiator
    Design: Compact metal case
    Bluetooth: Quick connection via NFC, Bluetooth
    Interfaces: 3.5 mm audio jack
    Functions:Voice control S Voice / Speakerphone (Conference) / Built-in microphone, noise and echo cancellation
    Accessories: micro USB cable / AC charger / 3.5 mm audio cable
    Dimensions and weight: 164.3 x 62.3 x 69.2 mm / 600 g

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