Thingiverse Service - Universe for 3d printing

    When it comes to 3D printers and 3D printing, the following questions usually arise:

    1. Where to download for free a 3D model for printing?
    2. Why do they use 3D printing in general , what can be useful, interesting to do with it?
    3. Using which programs, preferably free, can I create a 3D model ?

    These questions can be answered using the service of the catalog of 3D models - Thingiverse .

    In this post, we will do a short review of 3D models from Thingiverse (grouped by the programs with which they were created). As an example, the heading provides a designer from 3D printed parts created using 123D Design . More about this constructor, and other examples of 3D models from Sketchup , OpenSCAD , Blender3d , FreeCAD - under the cat.

    In the beginning, a little about the service itself, and the specifics associated with 3D printing.

    ThingiverseA free service opened in 2008, developed and supported by MakerBot (which in turn creates and sells a well-known 3D printer), anyone can register for this service and upload a 3D model for download. A key feature of the service is that all downloaded models are published under a Creative Commons license , which means that you can download freely and free of charge and also freely change.

    The generally accepted format for 3D printing is STL(short for STereoLithography), this format contains only the shape of the object, without color, texture information, in fact it is a surface composed of triangles. It is in this format that you need to export 3D models if you plan to print them on a 3D printer.

    Let's review the 3D programs.

    123D Design

    AutoDesk is seriously entering the 3D printing market - it provides a good service for preparing 3D models, in particular, you can download 123D Design for free . Available for PC and Mac.

    Constructor Pixil Bits

    3D printed Pixil Bits constructor consists of several elements, on the basis of which you can assemble a variety of shapes:

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    All files can be downloaded here , the source code for changing in 123D Designer is also provided.

    Birds (Birds mobile)

    Want to make seated and rotating birds? (a good example for the basics of mathematics :))

    Here is Joseph's project “Birds Mobile” .

    The assembly process and the final result can be found here .

    Here's what you need to print:
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    And of course, different layout options are possible:
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    Original 123D Design files can be downloaded from the project page .


    Perhaps one of the most famous programs will be Sketchup3d , originally developed under the wing of Google, but later the search giant handed this program over to Trimpble.

    Pros - a convenient interface for work, there is scripting in Ruby. Cons - not open-source, version only for Windows and Mac.

    Mini sumo robot

    3D printed platform for mini sumo robot, contains frame and dump bucket .

    Assembly process

    Files for 3D printing, and original sketchup files can be downloaded here .

    3D Logo or name

    Want to print a logo or name?

    Here is the How To Make A 3D Logo Or Name project , where you can download instructions on how to do this in Sketchup.


    The Marblevator project is an example of a “railroad” using 3D printed rails and an iron ball.

    Assembly instructions , and here you can download all the elements and original files in Sketchup.


    OpenSCAD is a free open-source, cross-platform program for creating a 3D model using a special modeling language.

    You can create graphic primitives, perform operations on combining, subtracting, cloning, etc. To get the object you want. And after - export it to STL ( recently there was a small tutorial on OpenSCAD on the hub)

    Case for glasses

    Need a case for glasses? You can download and print from here .

    The original format in OpenSCAD - that is, you can edit it for your points.

    Bowl for animals

    Is the bowl for your cat still not signed?

    This is easily fixed with 3D printing. In the files section - the original OpenSCAD file for customization (scad extension) is provided.


    Want to print mechanics? Please - Tiny Planetary Gears Set project .

    All details of the mechanism can be downloaded here , but here is a link to the archive with all OpenSCAD original files.


    If you need to print various gears, you can see this project: Public Domain Involute Parameterized Gears , in which OpenSCAD files are laid out to create 3D models of various gears.


    Blender3d - free open source software for 3D modeling (supports Python scripting)

    Singing dragon

    One of the popular models on Thingiverse, the Adalinda: The Singing Serpent project , is made using Blender3d.

    The author, who created the model, specially optimized it for 3D printing, there is no need for “support” supporting elements, the entire model is printed as is.

    Master Yoda

    The fairly popular model Yoda Figure was created using Blender, or rather, “assembled” from several models.

    Based on the information from the original article , for its “preparation” were taken:

    1. Bust of Yoda's head (with thingiverse)

    Hidden text

    2. Yoda's body from google sketchup galery.

    Hidden text


    Draft model aircraft Skewer Fighter Jet (F-86 Saber) , with the ability to download the source file Blender.

    The author macouno can see many other models created based on Blender3d , in particular:

    Keyboard support

    Sometimes the lifting legs of the keyboard break, you can download print: Computer Keyboard Riser


    FreeCAD is a less well-known program, but quite interesting as it is positioned as a professional CAD system, completely free and open-source. Full Python scripting is supported.

    Bike phone holder

    Do you want to fix the smartphone on the bike wheel Then see this project: Bike phone holder . Files for FreeCAD are included.

    From a different angle

    Drawer handle

    Need a drawer handle? No problem, Simple Drawer Knob project . The original FreeCAD file is included in the download files.

    Phone wall mount

    Want to place your phone on the wall? Here is the project: Wall Mount for Vtech 6419 Cordless Phone .

    Speaker for smartphone

    Want to make a bugle for your smartphone? The Parametric Acoustic Horns project will allow you to use the python program to generate the mountains you require in FreeCad.

    You can hear the difference:

    In conclusion

    This, of course, is a small part of those models that are posted on the Thingiverse, and new projects appear every day.

    If you do not have access to the 3D printer yet, then you can:

    • do a search on the hacks in your city, as a rule there are 3D printers there, and they are available for small orders
    • look for fablaby, there the 3D printer should also be
    • search for 3D printing service (in your city)

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