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    Every day we buy something and pay for something. Very often we pay for friends, and friends pay for us. And that is wonderful.
    But sometimes the soul asks to restore order in these monetary relations. That's why we made a service that I want to talk about today.

    This project arose completely by accident. Namely, after Natalya turned to me, my old good friend, who had a small business with her friend, was selling plates, cups and other dishes at trade fairs and in her small shop. She asked if I knew of any practical program for conducting personal daily bookkeeping, but so that it was extremely simple and at the same time accessible for interaction of several people at once.

    The task was formulated as follows: each of the business owners should be able to fix the current expense (one-time payment to the loader, daily payment to the seller, payment for goods, rent of a place, etc.) and income (fixing the received revenue). In a word, everything that was previously written down in a notebook or on pieces of paper, which have an insidious habit of getting lost, would be nice to bring in some reliable place. Assessing the task as simple, “on one pipe”, I climbed into the search engine to immediately drop Natalya a million links to iPhone / Android applications and online services.

    However, I quickly stumbled upon the fact that all the programs that came across did not imply the necessary interaction of several people in one system. For one, please. And in any form. From the abundance of functionality, even my eyes ran up. But how to solve the question: who owes what to whom, if the first one, for example, paid 12,000 rubles for the goods, the second - 5,000 rubles, but at the same time gave the loader Vasya 3300 rubles for two days of work. and saleswoman Valentina for 3 days of work 7200 p.? Problem!
    It became sad - I couldn’t find anything!

    Nevertheless, this task in itself seemed extremely interesting to me. Immediately came up with a lot of use cases:

    1. conducting a joint business with friends (with a transparent display of income and expenses);
    2. family accounting at home;
    3. buying in turn with co-workers something tasty for tea or gifts for birthdays;
    4. fixing borrowed money;
    5. co-financing of the upcoming party or trip (with a record of who paid how much and for what).

    and still a lot of applications - depending on life circumstances.

    And in order to finally motivate myself (in the sense of not putting it off), I reformatted this intricate task into a beautiful idea, namely the creation of a certain socio-economic network. Or rather, a kind of cloud service that any user can use at his own request or at the invitation of his colleagues, business partners and just friends for mutual settlements. Immediately there arose, perhaps not quite original;), but the very telling name “In Calculations”.

    How long, briefly, but after a month and a half the site earned. Natalya, becoming the first client on him, was very pleased. I only suggested the lack of a version for the phone. But, as they say, in the absence of a stamp, they write in simple.

    Over the past almost a year and a half, a little less than a thousand people have registered for the service. Many now have several hundred or even a thousand records in the system. By the way, Natalia has created as many as 2384 records in my network "Vrachet".

    What else do you want to say? The service turned out to be workable, although not without flaws.

    In short, what is called “for oneself” is built (although it was created by a person trying to bring things to a logical end) so there are a number of problems that do not interfere with its use, but advanced hawkers might not like it much. The most obvious of them are as follows:

    1. The HTTPS protocol is not implemented.
    2. There is no application for mobile platforms. The site design allows you to use it from your phone, but there are no native applications. By the way, if there are people who want to put their hands on the implementation of the application - you are welcome.

    There are some encouraging points :) After a long test, another important gap was closed - a convenient, quite universal data export was made both for printing and viewing, for example, in Excel, and for uploading to the database. Thanks to this, no user data can disappear.

    The project is free. As conceived by the author, the basic functionality should continue to remain free. Monetization is planned through the provision of additional paid services and the placement of related profile advertising.

    UPD I forgot to insert the link, correcting;) VRaschete.ru

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