Ciklum .NET Saturday in Odessa on May 31! Registration is open

    Great news for all .NET developers in Odessa on May 31, Ciklum will be held. NET Cleanup !
    We are still working on the final agency and the list of participants, but now we are ready to announce the following speakers and topics:

    Dmitry Efimenko, Kharkov: Alloy of Technologies and Management
    Everyone knows that teams and products are born, grow, age and therefore require constant rejuvenation. The idea of ​​Dima came from more than 5 years of experience in managing the team and product. It will cover the following issues:
    - signs of maturity of the product and its team
    - about the value system and relationships
    - about the principles of building processes and about specific solutions
    - about typical problems and principles for solving them
    - about obsolescence of processes and practices and methods of rejuvenation
    - about erosion of product architecture and principles / practices for overcoming it
    - about long-time code and principles / practices of refactoring
    - about differences between product and custom development
    - about life examples - funny and not so good
    Note: the details depend on duration.
    About Dima : manager, architect, developer, tester and practicing trainer. 17 years in software development for money and more. 6 years in product development. Current directions: payments by bank cards over the Internet and in self-service networks.

    Dmitry Mindra, Odessa: A Strong Foundation for Good Code
    We will look at putting SOLID principles into practice. I have a game written somehow. We will use SOLID principles and unit tests to make it a "sweetie". At the same time, we will make sure that following the principles makes writing good, clean code easier.
    About Dima : 14 years in the software industry. Software expert Dima is currently working with the world leader in the gaming industry, Unity Technologies, coming from Microsoft Ukraine. Sometimes you can find Dima at the meetings of Odessa .NET User Group, while he is preparing for the next trip to the next conference around the world!

    Yan Drugalya, Odessa: Finding Multithreaded Problems in NET Applications.
    In his presentation, Jan will cover various methods for detecting multithreaded problems and show how they are used in Unity.

    About Jan: 12 years of experience in developing commercial software. Currently - SDET at Unity Technologies.

    When: Saturday, May 31
    Time: 12:00 - 16:00
    Where: Odessa, Lech Kaczynski, 7. 7th floor, Ciklum office

    According to the good tradition of Ciklum, Saturdays are absolutely free! If you intend to attend the event, please register .

    Event confirmation and detailed adjenda will be sent closer to the event date!

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