Happy freelancer day!

    Today is a common holiday for a variety of people who are not united by a profession or gender. This is a celebration of all those who have chosen restless freedom and independence in the difficult task of earning their daily bread. This is a holiday of free shooters, ronins of the work book. Today — Freelancer Day!

    For our country, the phenomenon of freelancing, if not new, then certainly still unusual and partly alien. Although everything is new - well-forgotten old. In Russia, there has long been a stratum of people who, as they would say today, are not members of any organization. Instead, they were hired for various temporary, piece-work. Of course, not all of these workers chose this lifestyle of their own free will, partly this was dictated by unemployment. Nevertheless, freelancers have existed in our country for a long time, and earlier they were called the word “freelancers” that was forgotten today.

    But despite this, more and more people in our country and around the world are becoming civilian. Advances in telecommunications technology have made freelancing possible and affordable for millions of people on the planet. And this process is welcome. Indeed, in order to earn and be successful, freelancers must constantly keep up with the times in their profession, that is, constantly improve their skills and study the latest trends. That is, to be a freelancer means a priori to be a good specialist and be able to sell yourself.

    Of course, not every profession can become a freelancer. The areas of design and IT gravitate to this most of all. And it is no accident that among freelancers there are much more people with higher education than the national average:

    It is believed that every office worker deep in his soul dreams of becoming a freelancer. Alas, the corporate culture in many companies does not allow employees to feel free, to be in psychological comfort. Freelancers do not experience the same effect of the surrounding office space. However, there are many other examples among companies where among employees only the “spirit of freelancing” is encouraged - looseness, a creative approach to work, and calm goodwill. Add to this the stability of earnings, the ability to work on much larger projects, gaining rich experience in working with high-level specialists and social packages - and it turns out that being a freelancer is not always better.

    Of course, not everyone will decide to embark on such an independent "swimming", even with the appropriate skills and knowledge. A successful freelancer is not only a good specialist, but first of all a brave, persistent and responsible person. Professionalism and performance are their motto. As they say, love the girls of simple freelancers!

    Happy holiday to you friends!

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