Killer Form 2? MoonRay S100 3D Printer Review for Dentists

    Hello! With your Top 3D Shop and today we will talk about the latest dental DLP 3D-printer SprintRay MoonRay S100, it is - just Moonray the S .


    About the printer

    The MoonRay story began in the summer of 2015 on Kickstarter - the developer then collected $ 422,000 to create, as stated, “the world's best desktop DLP printer”. As you know, there is nothing perfect in this world, but SprintRay engineers really managed to create an excellent 3D printer.

    More precisely, even two: with indexes S and D. Full names of models: S100 and D75. In the review we talk about the SprintRay MoonRay S100 .

    MoonRay S100


    Technology: stereolithography, MIP DLP
    Printing area, mm: 130 x 80 x 200
    Resolution XY, μm: 100
    Layer thickness, μm:
    20/50/100 Printing speed, mm / h: 3.81 / 12.7 / 25.4
    Projector: UV RayOne DLP-projector (1 million pixels)
    Chip: Texas Instruments DLP Chip
    LED: 405 nm, blue-violet
    Resource, h, up to: 50 000
    Resource of the bath, l, up to: 50
    Connection, direct: Wi-Fi b / g / n
    connection, LAN: Wi-Fi b / g / n, Ethernet Cable
    weight, kg: 23
    Size in packing, mm: 560 x 560 x 860
    printer dimensions: 380 x 380 x 500
    Price, rubles: 382,635


    The standard kit includes: a printer, a bath for photopolymer, a removable bath insert, a working platform, a liter of standard photopolymer, and a set for post-processing.
    And, of course, the power cable and Ethernet network cable.

    Special features

    The foundation of any DLP printer is the projector. He illuminates the photopolymer in layers in a bath, layer by layer forming a given model. Moonray has its own projector - here a specially designed RayOne module is used, whose ultraviolet radiation has a wavelength of 405 nanometers.

    Own development SprintRay improves the accuracy of the location of each point in the projection, reducing spatial distortion.

    Bath for polymer in MoonRay printers does not require replacement. Of course, the phrase Say Goodbye to Consumable Tanks, “say goodbye to interchangeable baths,” is an advertising exaggeration, you can’t do without consumables, but you have to replace only inexpensive inserts , each of which is designed to be about 50 liters of photopolymer.
    As calculated in SprintRay, this is 25 times more than the life of the trays of other DLP and SLA printers. When ordering in the Top 3D Shop, a replacement insert will cost you $ 163.


    Software for MoonRay, Rayware, was also developed in the walls of SprintRay.

    This is a simple and convenient software that works under Mac OS and Windows. One of the nice things about RayWare is the flexible support work.

    In the automatic generation mode, you can even save on resin - on the developer’s site it is stated that the algorithm used by the slicer reduces the number of supports by 30% from the usual one. At the exit we get the ability to quickly remove supports after printing, with minimal post-processing.

    In addition, MoonRay is compatible with third-party popular 3D-software for dentists - there will be no problems with either the software from Exocad or 3Shape.


    It is possible to print parts up to 20 centimeters in height, but the developer positions his equipment precisely as dental.

    Bath, after the exposure of each layer, bends at a certain angle. This allows you to reduce defects on the surface of the model along the Z axis.


    The key point for each photopolymer printer is a range of supported materials. SprintRay launches its own line of photopolymers .

    It includes both standard resins of different colors, these are transparent, white, green and orange, and a burnable resin for casting, as well as a gray polymer for modeling.

    What is more important: MoonRay supports professional dental materials NextDent , right "out of the box."

    A set of corresponding profiles is already integrated into the software.

    A very commendable decision - large players usually “tie” the user to the materials of their own design.

    High accuracy and speed of the printer, as well as the use of certified materials, significantly speed up workflows: the creation of surgical templates and dental models, aligners and caps, bridges and crowns now takes hours to read. Costs are also reduced: according to SprintRay, a specialist using MoonRay can reduce the cost of a course of treatment with the use of an aligner by a factor of 3-5.


    Preparing to print and print on MoonRay will not cause difficulties, everything is quite simple.
    It is only necessary to replace the bath.

    Install the platform.

    Pour photopolymer.

    Put the cap back on and start printing.

    At the end of the process, it remains only to remove the model from the platform, rinse it and separate the support.


    The project of the SprintRay company “shot” on Kickstarter, now the flagship of the company Formlabs has a serious competitor. MoonRay prints out of the box. And its main advantage is stable work with certified and proven dental photopolymers.

    The attentive reader will notice that MoonRay is more expensive than Form2 . That's right.

    The subtlety is that the S100 is cheaper to maintain: you only have to change the inserts designed for 50 liters of photopolymer, and not the entire bath - the new SprintRay will pay for itself faster than the Formlabs printer.


    SprintRay MoonRay S100 is a very promising dental 3D printer. Its characteristics and cost of ownership, as well as the "sharpened" for special materials, suggest that it will be a serious competition to Form 2, especially in the dental field.

    You can buy a SprintRay MoonRay S100 DLP printer and select the necessary print materials at Top 3D Shop .

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